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NordicBet casino vs video slot Starburst™… revisited…

Published on by Adam

Win 10 Free Spins daily for video slot Starburst at NordicBetLast month the Scandinavian orientated NordicBet casino organized a profitable video slot tournament around the most popular of all popular Netent video slots, being of course video slot  Starburst™, with no less than 2 competitions to win extra tournament money. At NordicBet they seem to be very fond of the starry Both-Ways-Win featured video slot, because also in December NordicBet has come up with an exciting casino promotion with video slot Starburst™ again in a deserved leading role.

Maybe it has to do with our own star, the sun, that’s about to reach its peak of sun activity the next months as part of its 11 year cycle of emitting charged particles by, at this moment, increased solar flares. Luckily it’s predicted to be the weakest peak in sun activity in about a 100 years, so the extra charged particles reaching the earth’s atmosphere aren’t likely to interfere and disrupt our earthly communication systems too much. Actually it’s could be a very gratifying event, because those charged particles also produce one of nature’s most beautiful light shows, the Aurora Borealis, aka the Northern (polar) lights, and as inhabitants of the Northern regions of Europe, where one can admire this natural spectacle the most, of course at NordicBet they know everything about this amazing phenomenon.

That’s probably why at NordicBet they are crazy about Netent video slot Starburst™ and in this month December NordicBet will give you daily 10 Free Spins for the slot, if you generate at least 10 Frequent Player Points (FPP’s) a day by playing on whatever kind of video slot in their online Flash casino. So this means you can receive 10 Free Spins every day to charge your casino account by the “particles” the Starburst™ video slot emits.

And on top of that NordiBet will not only give you 10 Free Spins x 31 days = 310 Free Spins, but if you make your 10 FFP’s every day during December, they will reward you with another 190 completely free of charge Free Spins for Starburst™, thus giving away a grand total of 500 Starburst™ Free Spins, per player per month.

So urge yourself to NordicBet by this link, log in or create an account and let video slot Starburst™, of which you can check the complete game description and details over here, bring some star- or sunlight in your casino account during this last month of the year.

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