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Official release date new Netent video slot Muse, Wild Inspirations revealed

Published on by Adam

Release date video slot Muse, Wild Inspiration revealedSome time ago we informed you about the upcoming Netent video slot Muse, Wild Inspirations, that has (a part of) Greek mythology as a theme and was announced by Netent by a video impression of the game on internet. Now one of our highly reliable sources has revealed the exact date on which video slot Muse, Wild Inspirations will be playable in various tested, trusted and reviewed Netent Casinos.

Video slot Muse, Wild Inspirations, hereafter simply referred to as video slot Muse, is “inspired” by the original 3 Greek goddesses, the Muses, that were appointed to take care of artists and scientists. As humanity began to practice more and more different arts and sciences, the need was felt to expand the 3 Muses with another 6 divinities so in the end there is a Muse for poetry and philosophy, singing and dancing, comedy and tragedy, astronomy and history and the ninth Muse-protected art form which is music, of which of course its name derives directly from the mythical Greek Muses.

As written above, the task of the Muses was to protect the practitioners of the fine arts, the artists, and those of the sciences, the so called “scientists”, and to take care of their general wellbeing. They did this mainly by providing them with inspiration for the artist or the scientist to be able to get ideas which they could materialize in beautiful works of art or important scientific inventions.

That’s why until today we call something or someone that inspires us our “Muse” and needless to say one of the muses for yours truly is Net Entertainment, their exciting casino games and the places to play them in, i.e. the Netent Casinos.

It’s clear why Netent has decided to dedicate a video slot to the Muses as there must be, as we can see reflected in their casino games and casino software, lots of artists and scientists working at Netent. They together make sure the Netent games not only look and play like a piece of art, but is also backed by some robust casino software that scientifically proven guarantees a 100% RNG-ing and a fair RTPP.

Video slot Muse, Wild Inspiration will be playable in several Netent Casinos starting from the 21-st of March. Of course we will help you remember a couple of days before and until then you could have a look (again) on the video impression of the game below. To have a look on similar Netent video slots or their other casino games you could have a look over here in our handy Netent casino games overview.

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