On International Women’s Day, a Look at Female Gambling’s Progress

Published on 8 March 2017 by Adam

On International Women's Day, a Look at Female Gambling's ProgressIt wasn’t long ago that the online casino world was thought to be dominated by males. Websites were built with men in mind, with females often only thought of as poster girls for marketing purposes or live casino dealers to attract more guys to the tables. However, thankfully this era has been pushed away in recent times, as more and more women have taken to their desktops or mobile casino devices to have a few spins and wagers.

As it’s International Women’s Day, we here at Netent Casino thought we’d delve further into the details to determine just how women’s gambling has soared in recent times.

Oh, and we’ve got a few examples of female-driven gambling portals at the end, with a few tasty welcome bonuses to grab hold of no matter your gender.

What is International Women’s Day All About?

Before we get into the casino side of things, let’s take a brief second to introduce International Women’s Day to our readers. The celebration/holiday’s roots date back to the early 20th century, when the Soviet Union declared 8th March as a national holiday in the name of women’s achievements.

Since 1977, the UN began adopting it, subsequently introducing it to western countries. The last two decades has seen the holiday given a specific title by the UN, often relating to a common goal that the world should share in aid of women, such as gender equality, ending violence, equal rights and opportunities.

How Females Have Become a Huge Part of iGaming

The increasing influence of women can be seen all over the world, with the rise of female online gambling being felt in the iGaming industry. Land-based casinos had many stereotypes associated with them in past decades, with particular games and entertainment classed as either “for men” or “for women”.

Now, though, online casinos have released data that suggests there is much less distinction between games and genders. There are many advantages that online casinos bring to their players, usually relating to convenience. However, one of the key differences that is, perhaps, overlooked is the possibility to play anonymously.

Both men and women no longer need to worry about certain stigmas that were attached to casino games in the past, and this has created a whole new world of entertainment for both sexes.

Online Casinos Catered Towards Women

As we mentioned above, old casino marketing strategies used to cater towards men, but recent years has seen this shift quite considerably. Indeed, there are plenty of online gambling services which primarily look to attract females with their designs and offers, some of which are listed below.

While predictions of the actual ratio between male and female online casino players often varies and is difficult to deduce, there’s no doubt that gambling amongst women is on the rise. With the iGaming industry as innovative as it is, expect plenty more female influence to impact upon the market in the near future.

If you’re looking for a few female-inspired online casino websites this International Women’s Day, please check out the reviews, with bonuses, below (males are free to join too!):


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