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Online Netent Casinos Dedicated to Valuable Female Casino Players!

Published on by Adam

Online Netent Casinos Dedicated to Valuable Female Casino Players! The old song proclaims that it is a man’s world, but more and more, women are stepping up and saying “Hey! We’re here too!” and in no industry is that clearer than in the casino world. Women want to have fun as well and, when played responsibly, slots and games can be hugely enjoyable, whatever your gender. In fact, statistics have shown that female casino players, although there are less of them, are, on average, twice as valuable as male players. This is huge, and makes female casino players something that casinos want to begin tapping into.

2015: The Year of the Female Casino Players

Over the next year I estimate that we’ll see an influx of female oriented casinos popping up in order to offer the female casino playing masses what they want. Which is clear, easy to use websites, that look great, offer payment methods they know and understand plus games that they can enjoy whenever the mood takes them.

There are already a small amount of female focused casinos on the market such as Vera & John, Maria Casino and Vinnarum (which is currently a Swedish only brand). You can see immediately from their websites that they are more aimed at women, just from the colours. Pink features heavily, the names have a feminine influence and, in my opinion, the sites look much more fun and lighthearted than most other online casinos.

There is no shame in enjoying a spin on the slots and I think it’s a great step forward that women are being recognised in this predominantly male environment and I have a sneaky suspicion that soon we’ll be introducing you to some great, new, female focused Netent casinos.

Vera & John

Vera & John is a Swedish company, offering it’s website in a number of other languages including English, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Norwegian and more. The branding is clear- blue and pink to appeal to both sexes and make sure no one feels left out. Even the name welcomes in each of the genders, with a female (Vera) and male (John) representative!

Vera & John is licensed in the EU country of Malta, by the LGA, so you know it’s completely safe and trustworthy, it offers a whole host of payment methods, so you’ll definitely be familiar with at least one and with an almost full range of Netent offerings (no Netent Live Casino!) it is a must try for any male, or female casino player looking for a new place to have fun.

Maria Casino

Maria Casino is a brand owned by world renowned Unibet. Maria is also focused mainly on female players, however the owners chose not to go down the traditional pink and fluffy look and instead focused on cute and kitsch design, an easy to navigate website and a chilled out, fun filled vibe.

Maria Casino is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, so it’s another casino you know you can trust with your details, your cash and your time.


Vinnarum is a Swedish only brand, aimed towards women, owned by Bonnier Gaming, who also own other huge brands such as Redbet, Whitebet, Bertil and more. The pink branding will definitely appeal to plenty of female casino players, but the grey and black background keep it subtle and stylish.

As with the other 2 above, Vinnarum are also licensed in the EU, by the LGA of Malta, so you don’t have to worry about safety and can just concentrate on having some fun.

Even with all these female focused casinos, the higher percentage of their player base is male, however 2015 is set to be the year of change and I’m very excited to see what the future brings and to bring you the best news first!

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