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Paddy Power hits controversy again with crazy World Cup PR stunt

Published on by Adam

Paddy Power again joking around thought-provokingThe employees at the PR department of Irish bookmaker and online casino Paddy Power really are the “bad boys and girls” under the Netent Casino marketers. Already in March of this year they struck controversy with an advert offering people to bet on the outcome of the murder trial of South African Paralympics athlete Oscar Pistorius. Now they´ve managed to start commotion again, this time with an ad related to the World Cup Football in Brazil.

It cannot be denied at Paddy Power they´ve got a peculiar sense of humor that (although clearly not appreciated by everyone) certainly has a way to bring the online casino in the spotlights and the name “Paddy Power” in the (gaming news) headlines. And as every marketer knows “bad publicity is still publicity”, but the deviant PR managers at the Irish originated online casino really seem to be adepts of this marketing rule.

Last weekend they published an air photo of what seemed to be a (large) part of the Amazonian rainforest, in which the text “C´mon England PP” was created by (apparently) chopping down trees. Of course the text referred to the participation of England at the World Cup Football starting tomorrow in Brazil and was seemingly meant to hearten the team. But as soon as the photo was published hoards of people on all sorts of Social Media expressed their disgust and outrage of Paddy Power destroying the Brazilian rainforest for an advertisement campaign.

Of course it was all a hoax and the photo had been created with a PhotoShop-like program on a computer. No tree was ever touched and Paddy Power never went to Brazil or commissioned someone to do what the photograph so falsely insinuated. As a matter of fact, the whole stunt had been elaborated to draw attention to the problem of deforestation of the Amazon rainforest, at this moment going at a speed of about 122 football pitches every 1,5 hour.

The funny thing about this latest Paddy Power PR stunt is that loads of people actually believed the casino would be stupid enough to pull off a trick like that while it should be obvious Paddy Power was taking the piss out of us (especially as the Netent Casino is already infamous for its “thought-provoking” marketing campaigns).

Like we´ve stated in our article about the Pistorius-bet in March we can fairly appreciate the stunts and “black humor” of Paddy Power, in the same way we can appreciate the (black) humor as displayed in Netent casino games like video slot South Park, video slot Space Wars or video slot Fisticuffs. Therefore we´re already looking forward to the marketing stunt the “bad boys and girls” from the Paddy power PR department will come up next.

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