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Paddy Power Turn to Nigel Farage for Trump Betting Expert

Published on by Adam

Paddy Power Turn to Nigel Farage for Trump Betting ExpertAmidst all the seismic political shifts in 2016 were a few bookmakers looking to take advantage. However, it turned out to be one of the strangest years in recent history, with huge upsets happening in all forms which decimated popular beliefs. First came Leicester City defying all footballing logic by clinching the 15/16 Premier League title. Incidentally, the Foxes were stacked at a mind-blowing 5000/1 by some prior to a ball being kicked – with their title success earmarked to be as likely as Elvis Presley turning up alive that same year.

This was just the shape of things to come.

Leicester’s Surge to the Top Followed By Brexit and Trump’s Election

While there were very few who begrudged this fairy tale story, perhaps aside from Spurs fans and the bookies themselves, it was the political scene that was really about to shake things up. First came the immensely polarising topic of the EU referendum – which saw the UK vote to leave the union by 52%-48%, subsequently seeing the term Brexit coined which is now cemented in the political dictionary.

While this victory for the underdog left bookmakers reeling, as odds for a Remain vote had been particularly low once voting stations had closed, they could surely win a decent chunk back by looking across the pond to the upcoming 2016 Presidential election, right?

With Donald J. Trump becoming seasoned-politician Hillary Clinton’s Republican rival, it was sure to be one of the easiest victories in Democratic history – Paddy Power even paid out early on the result! As you all know, though, Trump rounded off 2016’s bizarre nature with a stunning triumph to enter the White House.

With 3 incredibly unlikely scenarios turning true all within the space of a few months, it’s a slight surprise that Paddy Power are still part of the political betting market after losing out on around £3.6million on the Donald’s victory itself.

However, as Netent Casino pointed out just a few days ago, Paddy Power are now taking bets on President Trump’s activity in all forms. Yet, their need to employ someone with more knowledge on this new reign is clear, and they’ve decided to turn to one man to make that happen.

Given the Donald’s blistering start to his time in office, I’ve recommended that Paddy Power scrap their impeachment market – it’s clearly not going to happen. – Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage is the Face of Paddy Power’s Trump Recruitment Drive

Regardless of the 1st April announcement, the decision made by Paddy Power to use Nigel Farage as the face of their President Trump betting recruitment is no joke.

While 2016 was not entirely a poor showing for the Irish bookmaker due to their merger with Betfair just over a year ago, they’ve clearly decided that they won’t be taking any risks when it comes to betting on politics in 2017. And despite Nigel Farage’s popularity varying dramatically in the UK, there’s no doubt he called both votes spot on.

Never one to mince his words, Farage has been quoted on PP’s blog as saying that the bookmaker needed help to remove their “anti-Trump narrative that has dogged their thinking recently”. Commenting on this eye-raising employment decision, the bookmaker suggested that “he’s [Farage] already made his mark” on Trump betting, before joking that they hoped his appointment lasted longer than a week.

Paddy Power Have a History of Antagonising

As many presumed the announcement to be an April Fool’s Day joke, there was a mixed reaction to say the least before confusion set in. Once Paddy Power confirmed Nigel’s arrival, it’s unclear whether the threats from a handful of Twitter users to quit the online gambling platform in protest actually occurred. However, it might come as a surprise to some that this partnership has been shared before.

In preparation for the 2014 Ryder Cup, UKIP’s then leader described his support for the European team by asking the continent to “swing for Europe”. The video, understandably, drew many comments due to Farage’s staunch stance against the EU, highlighting again how Paddy Power like to stir up a bit of controversy. See the full advert below.

It’s not just politicians who Paddy Power have turned to in a bid to get punters talking either, with the love-him-or-hate-him, serial-Arsenal fan/criticiser Piers Morgan also joining their ranks for a Ryder Cup 2016 promo. This is a bookmaker who loves to poke fun, and President Trump is never far from the firing line these days.

Head of Trump Betting Requirements Explained in True PP Fashion

Despite the role being deadly serious, Paddy Power have written their Head of Trump Betting job description in the only way they know how. While they’ve taken the time to include some serious aspects of the forthcoming position, they couldn’t resist having a few digs at others’ expense. Here are a few choice excerpts:

  • Substantial experience with fake tan is preferable
  • Ability to detect fake news
  • Full medical history required. Well, we don’t want you doing a Hillary on us.
  • Better understanding of global politics than Donald Trump. Which won’t exclude many.
  • Ideal candidate would have a good knowledge of which one’s Melania and which one’s Ivanka

The job is based in the Irish capital of Dublin, with any Trump experts who meet the criteria being redirected to Paddy Power’s careers website.

Never Mind All This Politics Talk, You Can Still Play Casino at PP!

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