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Paf Casino player rakes in yet another big Netent jackpot win

Published on by Adam

Paf Casino pays out yet another multi-million Netent jackpot win It’s not the first time and it certainly will not be the last either. Last month, on the 22-nd of October, a lucky Paf Casino player could rake in no less than € 3.246.000 (three million and two hundred and forty six euros) after wagering only € 5 on Netent video slot Mega Fortune. Funny detail: the player from Finland apparently had to be convinced by the Paf helpdesk he’d really won the jackpot, as he thought some hacker was messing with his casino account or the Paf online casino website.

Everybody playing on a Netent jackpot casino game of course hopes to be the lucky one to “hit it big” winning the (multi)million jackpot prize. But when this actually happens, few can immediately believe it’s sheer reality instead of just “wishful thinking”. This was the case with the Finnish player last week who could only believe he had won the video slot Mega Fortune jackpot after the Paf helpdesk had convinced him it was really true.

After recovering from the first shock the player, who wants to remain anonymous, told Paf he would look for investment possibilities to make the most of the won amount. He also indicated he would seek to be renovating his house and buy some new cameras as his hobby is photography (how many “state of the art” cameras one can buy for € 3,2 million?).

And that’s something most of us who regularly play a Netent jackpot casino game have thought of, maybe just secretly, too: “What if…?” (I win a huge Netent jackpot).

Well, this question only makes sense if you’re really playing on those jackpot games. Because only “wishful thinking” won’t bring you a dime closer to whatever kind of jackpot if you don’t wager that same dime on the many Netent jackpot games Paf Casino is offering.

So rush to Paf Casino today even by the direct link on the Paf Casino review page in our guide. Log in to your account (or open one if you haven’t got one yet) and try your luck on, for example, Netent jackpot video slot Arabian Nights (of which the jackpot at Paf currently holds more than € 2,6 million). Good luck and see you (winning) at Paf!

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