Paf offers free spins for playing Piggy Riches!

Published on 29 June 2013 by Florence

Paf CasinoWould you like to become a rich person this weekend? You could do so by playing the Netent video slot Piggy Riches at Paf today and tomorrow. Well, you could do so by playing any casino game, because that’s the nature of casinos: you could become very rich instantly. But this weekend Paf is giving you an extra reason to play Piggy Riches because you could win free spins and extra cash!

This promo started at midnight this morning and will run until eleven tomorrow night. You can win 30 free spins if you play at least 20 rounds of €1 each on Piggy Riches. You will receive the free spins on Monday the 1st of July at 9 am.

And if you are one of the players on Piggy Riches who are in the top 5 of the ranking list at Paf they will credit you with €20 in your account!


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