Payment Methods: What is Trustly and How Does it Work?

Published on 5 October 2014 by Rhi

Payment Methods: What is Trustly and How Does it Work?Trustly is a relatively new name in payment providers but they’re taking the world by storm. They actually offer a payment solution to online casinos, web shops, the Swedish auction site Blocket and more.  For this reason, their website is not specifically aimed at casino players, which can make it pretty hard to understand exactly who they are, what they do and how they work from the players perspective.

Today we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the Trustly payment method- what they offer, how it works, which countries it operates in and how to make a deposit and withdrawal. You’re welcome!

About Trustly

Trustly began in 2008 with the aim of making online payments quicker and safer for the customer. They enable customers to make instant online bank transfers to their favourite casinos. This means no fussing with long card numbers, no having to scan and send you card (whilst remembering to cover bits up) to the casinos for verification, no waiting and no fees for transfers.

As long as you have a bank account in one of the countries offered, enough money available for your deposit and know your online banking credentials, it’s the perfect method for you.

How does Trustly work?

When you select Trustly in the casino cashier you’ll either be taken directly to your country, or asked to select it from a drop down menu. Once you’ve chosen your country you’ll be presented with all the banks they offer instant transfers for in that area. Select your bank and you’ll be asked to log into your online bank and confirm the payment. All you have to know, is your online banking login. Trustly doesn’t see or save your bank password and, in fact, they are regulated by the Swedish FSA who regulate banks in Sweden. This means Trustly is just as safe, and held to the exact same standards, as your bank!

  1. Select your bank.
  2. Log in to your bank.
  3. Confirm payment.
  4. Cash will be instantly in your casino account.

It’s that simple!

Is Trustly safe?

Trustly is just about the safest online payment method in the market. They are regulated by the Swedish FSA, who is the governing body that regulates banks in Sweden, meaning it’s just as safe and secure as the safest banks in Europe. Trustly doesn’t save your online banking password or use your data in any underhand way.

Because its purely based on your bank login details, fraud is almost impossible with Trustly. Someone could only use Trustly from your bank account if they knew which bank you have, your username, password and have access to your bank token- depending on your bank this might be a physical token, an SMS service or some other way you must confirm payments before they’re made. This is the kind of information and technology you know you would never give to someone else!

Who can use Trustly?

Trustly is currently available in 29 European countries with customers making a whopping 1.7 million transaction a month from countries like:

  1. Spain,
  2. Sweden,
  3. Finland,
  4. Italy,
  5. Poland,
  6. Denmark,
  7. and Estonia

They are also fully mobile optimised so you can deposit via Trustly on just about any device which can access the internet. Not only is it safe and fast, it’s also hugely convenient.

Do I need an account with Trustly?

No, you don’t sign up to Trustly or open an account. You simply select them in the casino cashier and follow the steps to make the deposit.

Instant Withdrawals with Trustly

Trustly are able to send instant bank transfers anywhere in the Eurozone. So if your country is in the eurozone and your casino offers Trustly, your withdrawal will appear in your bank account as soon as the casino approves it!

Where can I use Trustly?

Trustly is available on some of the biggest websites in the world, including some of our favourite Netent casinos such as;

  1. Jetbull
  2. Reel Island
  3. Casino Land
  4. Dunder
  5. Mobil6000
  6. Viks
  7. Limo Play

For more casinos offering this safe, fast and easy payment method be sure to check out our dedicated Trustly page.


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