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No More EU Roaming Charges Means NetEnt Mobile Casinos on Holiday!

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While there has been a lot of pressure on the European Union (EU) in recent times from opposing political parties from various member states, a law comes into force today that may well get many back onside. It’s been a long time coming, with several heated discussions taking place with operators, but most roaming charges for mobile users are finally being scrapped in the EU.

This means you will, often, be able to use your phone or tablet within another EU country the same as you would at home – with many sneaky fees and hidden costs eradicated.

Let’s take you through what the abolition of EU roaming charges means, including for the online casino entertainment industry.

After 10-Years of Work, Many Mobile Roaming Fees Are Abolished in the EU

The EU has been working to rid the union of extra charges when temporarily abroad since 2007, making significant progress during that time. While it’s true that mobile internet was very basic a decade ago, making calls and sending text messages when on holiday was always considered a last resort.

So, after finally agreeing legislation back in December 2016, the EU has managed to bin the vast majority of roaming charges for users. It’s not quite 100% due to some continuing quarrels with operators from various countries, with the argument being that no more roaming fees will see people using excess data which inevitably leads to rising costs for data plans.

It’s very important that you check with your particular mobile operator before you head abroad to see what their policy on EU roaming is.

99% of our readers will walk away smiling, with selfies, social media updates and mobile casino gameplay now at the tip of their fingers whilst on vacation.

However, certain networks can impose fair use charges for unlimited data or low-cost plans, so if you’re thinking of firing up NetEnt Mobile Live Casino constantly then you need to check whether this is suitable.

Before you start thinking of playing casino on mobile on your trips over borders, you also need to ensure that your data plan is appropriate for the type of online gaming you partake in. Please visit Netent Casino’s guide to mobile casino data usage to ascertain your guzzling habits.

What About EU Roaming Charges After Brexit?

For our UK readers wanting to know how the country’s decision to leave the European Union will affect EU roaming charges, you’re safe for quite a few months yet.

It’s not expected for Brexit to formally take place until March 2019, as it has been predicted to take approximately 2 years to negotiate the release. So, no need to fret just yet.

What’s more, it’s thought to be in the UK government’s hands whether Britain continues with no roaming fees once Brexit occurs.

While many aspects of the exit terms are tricky and yet to be determined, with iGaming hub Gibraltar particularly affected, the decision to incorporate EU no roaming charges isn’t thought to be a challenging process.

Play Your Favourite Slots at These Handpicked Mobile Casinos When Abroad

So, the question on your lips now should be: which mobile casinos should I play at on holiday!?

Here at Netent Casino, we pride ourselves on only giving you the best platforms to gamble at, rather than sending you to all corners of the iGaming market.

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