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Royal Panda Steps Up Its Interactive Game with Live Casino

Published on by Adam

Royal Panda Steps Up Its Interactive Game with Live CasinoWith increasingly improved interactivity and more reliable internet with faster speed, many online casinos are making it a point to keep up with the market’s trends. Two of the major enhancements becoming more commonplace in this case are improved mobile/handheld conversion on one hand and a live casino feature on the other.

Royal Panda is one of these avant-garde casinos that always tries to reinvent itself and stay ahead of the curve. While it has both the mobile/handheld service and the live casino feature implemented, in this article, I will be narrowing down the scope to simply focusing on the latter.

Why go live with Royal Panda?

Let’s backtrack a few years to when internet was still somewhat temperamental in more areas than not. Online gaming was already starting to steal the scene, but the lack of one feature was starting to be felt – real-time interactivity with others online. While people had started to afford the luxury of enjoying casino experience from the comfort of home, this was still only limited to interaction with a machine (e.g. random number generating slot machines, etc.). The advent of more reliable internet connections allowed online casinos to start addressing players’ wish for more human interaction.

In particular, players started missing these elements with card games such as blackjack  and poker as well as table games such as roulette amongst others. That’s why Royal Panda has implemented different versions of these two games along a few others in their site.

Accessing the Live Casino page on Royal Panda’s site is simple. When you reach the main page, the easiest way is through the 3rd shortcut key in the top portion of the screen. Other routes include another button beneath a descriptive summary of the live casino when you scroll down to the bottom of the games displayed.

So, let’s look at some for the advantages players may experience by opting for live casino with Royal Panda.


  • By means of a webcam, you can see what is going on real-time, which inspires a greater sense of security and fair play.
  • Calculations are still done by the computer, limiting the human error margin
  • Real-life interaction with the dealer/croupier, and optionally with other players is possible. Communication with the dealer/croupier also allows for clarification of certain queries, that otherwise would be limited when dealing with a machine.
  • Options such as selecting the table and/or croupier/dealer become possible.
  • It is more likely that you’ll find a seat at the table than at a real-life casino.
  • While the dealer/croupier will be visible on your screen, you don’t have to make yourself visible on the other end of the screen. So, if you’re having a bad-hair day or you feel like staying in your PJs, you will have no obligations to touch up on your appearance.
  • Dealers/croupiers are hand-picked for their charismatic and communicative abilities. You can expect nothing but courtesy and a human touch perhaps lacking when playing on machines.


Frankly, it’s not easy to brainstorm for disadvantages live casino might have compared to casino games that utilise flash. The only one that comes to mind is that, in spite of internet technology having progressed by leaps and bounds, there is still the occasional lag depending on the region you are playing from or the internet service provider. This can create some frustration.

Concluding Royal Panda’s Live Casino

Once again, Royal Panda makes sure to cater for those online players who crave the real-life feel of an actual casino along with living dealer/croupier and other players. The pros of going down this road far outweigh the cons, ensuring yet another fulfilling gaming experience. And while Royal Panda doesn’t endorse NetEnt live casinos at the time of writing this article, we hope to see a few more popping up on the site in the near future. And while playing live, if you so happen to miss NetEnt’s video slots, there’s nothing that can stop you from mixing things up a little. As mentioned, finding a vacant seat at a live casino table again later on will, more often than not, pose no issues. So, if you’re still playing with the thought of trying out the live casino, think no more as you’re surely in for a great gambling experience with Royal Panda!

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