Scratch2Cash and Lyckoskrapet close encounter of the same kin(d)?

Published on 23 December 2014 by Sebas

Scratch2Cash and Lyckoskrapet different Netent Casinos with similaritiesThis article is about two of the most ‘underexposed’ Netent Casinos on our website, being on Sweden focused casino Lyckoskrapet and ‘Europe-wide’ operating casino Scratch2Cash, that have more in common than they seem to be different.

Okay, the title of this article might be a little bit ‘far-fetched’ (of course referring to the famous sci-fi movie ‘Close Encounters of the 3-rd Kind’ directed by Steven Spielberg) but somehow the heading still can be related to the subject(s) of this publication: Netent Casinos Lyckoskrapet (in Swedish meaning something like ‘Lucky Scratch’), online casino Scratch2Cash and the similarities between the both…

Different casino galaxy, Same Netent universe

Because as the movie shows, we Earthlings are completely different from any UFO flying aliens, yet at the same time we undeniably have some things in common with extraterrestrial life forms (starting with having to share the same universe, for example).

And although Scratch2Cash is completely different from Lyckoskrapet, at the same time (both obviously and surprisingly) the two casinos also have common features (starting with sharing the same Netent universe, for example). .

Similarities between Scratch2Cash and Lyckoskrapet

Besides both being listed on our website and thus having in common they’re both tested and approved safe and reliable Netent Casinos of course Lyckoskrapet and Scratch2Cash also both provide their players with (a selection of) Netent casino games (otherwise they wouldn’t be appearing in our ‘Leading Netent Fansite’ in the first place).

No Netent Scratchcards…

The second (indeed very obvious) similarity is both casinos are focused on ‘instant win games’ and scratchcards, already indicated by their respective names. As stated ‘Lyckoskrapet’ in Swedish means ‘Lucky (or ‘Fortune’) Scratch(ed)’ and the name ‘Scratch2Cash’ doesn’t need any further translation as it really ‘says it all’…

Although both casinos are primarily directed to offering scratchcards gaming to their players, surprisingly enough neither Lyckoskrapet nor Scratch2Cash has any of the Netent scratchcard games in its portfolio.

…but loads of Netent video slots.

The third feature they have in common therefore is that both Lyckoskrapet as well as Scratch2Cash only have a selection of the most popular Netent video slots on offer, under which sounding titles like video slot Starburst, video slot Gonzo’s Quest and video slot Jack and the Beanstalk, to name just a few… In all around 30 of the best Netent video slot games can be found in both casinos.

Lyckoskarpet and Scratch2Cash LGA Malta licensed

Last but not least a common feature of Netent Casinos Lyckoskrapet and Scratch2Cash is not only they both were added to our website around the same time (early 2014) but both are operated by the same company Aragon International Ltd. Aragon is a renowned Malta based operator and as such duly licensed by the reputed Lotteries and Gaming Authority (LGA) of the same Mediterranean island-state… As belonging to the same online casino operating ‘family’, but owned by different companies this comparison of both casinos really was a ‘Close Encounter of the same kin!

Review Scratch2Cash and Lyckoskrapet and win € 1.000!

Of course there are lots of differences between Netent Casinos Scratch2Cash and Lyckoskrapet too and to experience them (and the mnay similarities as described above) we advise you to pay a visit to both casinos and ‘see for yourself’.

Maybe this visit even inspires you to rate both casinos on our website and write a review about them (before the 31-st of December though!) by which you could win an awesome € 1.000! Read all about this original action over here.


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