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Sink your vampire fangs into new Netent video slot Dracula for free!

Published on by Adam

Video slot Dracula was released today by Net Entertainment: play the slot for free on our website! Today Net Entertainment video slot Dracula was released which means you not only can ‘sink your fangs’ into this brand-new ‘branded’ Netent video slot in one of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos, but you can also try video slot Dracula for free on our website!

Just like the ‘branded’ Netent video slots Scarface, Creature from the Black Lagoon, video slot Frankenstein and The Invisible Man also video slot Dracula was developed by Net Entertainment in cooperation with the famous Hollywood movie production company Universal Studios. However, while the former released Netent video slots with the ‘Universal Studios’ brand attached to it closely followed the actual storyline of the movies they were based on, with video slot Dracula Netent has chosen to only ‘loosely’ base the theme of the slot on the Dracula franchise instead of on one particular Universal film featuring the legendary bloodsucking vampire.

The Universal Studio Dracula movies

Without a doubt the most famous Dracula movie produced by Universal Studios is the one that was released in 1931 which was the ‘first ever’ film adaptation of Bram Stoker’s famous novel published in 1897. At the time the feature film was a huge success at the box-office, not in the least because of the acclaimed performance of Hungarian born actor Bela Lugosi who, because of his origins, had the perfect ‘Transylvanian’ accent for the role of the vampire count. The flick started what’s called the ‘Universal Horror’ movie series and in the years after its release Universal made the Frankenstein and The Invisible Man movies on which ‘brands’ the eponymous Netent video slots are based.

In 2014 Universal released ‘Dracula Untold’, a movie not so much telling the tale of the bloodthirsty ‘Prince of Darkness’ from the novel of Bram Stoker, but focusing more on the historical (real-life) figure of ‘Vlad, The Impaler’, the 15-th century ruler of Wallachia on which Stoker based the fictional Count Dracula. Allegedly Vlad ‘Dracul’ (as was his family name meaning ‘dragon’) successfully protected his country from an invasion by the Turks, making sure they would never (ever) try such a thing again by impaling his (captured) enemies on stakes (hence his nickname ‘The Impaler’). Dracula Untold shows how prince Vlad was confronted with the imperialism of the Ottoman Empire and how he had to call upon the occult to gain the superpowers needed to defeat his enemies. Unfortunately the same superpowers turned him into the ‘doomed’ vampire we’re all so familiar with, horror movie fans and non-horror movie fans alike.

The Dracula in Netent video slot Dracula

As stated the ‘storyline’ and theme of Netent video slot Dracula seems to be a mixture of the two Universal Studios feature films as mentioned above, with elements of both the original story by Stoker and the 1931 movie based on the book and the Dracula Untold film as was released last year.

For example, in the video slot game Dracula is depicted as a gloomy, brooding and aggressive ‘beast’ but also as a handsome long-haired young man with romantic feelings towards the woman he loves (Dracula Untold). However, we also see (before the Fee Spins mode of the slot starts) Dracula travel to the UK to find his love which actually only makes part of the storyline of the book and the 1931 movie. So Netent rather seems to have taken the ’concept’ of Dracula as a Universal ‘monster’ to base the video slot Dracula theme on rather than a specific movie or specific portrayal of the gruesome Count.

Take a bite out of new Netent video slot Dracula for free!

Video slot Dracula has various different special game features that are worthwhile to check out first before you play the game for real money in any of the safe and reliable Netent Casinos. On the game’s tutorial page that was added to our website today you will find the Netent video slot Dracula free practice version to do so.

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