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South Africa Not Warming Towards Online Gaming

Published on by Adam

South Africa Not Warming Towards Online GamingOnline gambling is currently illegal in South Africa and casinos offering their services to South African residents risk facing hefty fines and even prosecution. The government have now gone a step further in trying to prevent activities by looking into payment blocking, effectively impeding players ability to fund gaming accounts.

South Africa’s Minister for Trade and Industry believes that many online casino providers are still accepting players, in full knowledge that it’s illegal, with the idea that gaming will eventually be legalised, so they might as well carry on, however he wants to be clear that this kind of disregard for the law will never be overlooked.

Anyone operating illegally under the presumption that eventually they will be legalised ought to understand that they will not get a licence for this.”

– Rob Davies

To someone from an EU country, who has been aware of gambling and playing online, this kind of ‘anti gaming’ attitude seems out dated, however life is very different for people across the world and Priscilla Tozama Mantashe, a member of the African National Congress party states;

A person who is serving the poor people will not support online [as] the majority of our people especially the poor do not understand online gambling.

Whilst I understand that perhaps people do not understand gambling, if they’ve not been exposed to it before, I believe that legalising and regulating this industry is the way to ensure their residents safety, otherwise they will continue to play on online casinos who are not regulated by South Africa, and therefore the government have no idea how reputable and reliable the casinos may be. At least if they regulate themselves they exercise a modicum of control over the casinos to ensure their players remain safe and protected.

However, after an investigation and suspension of many members of the countries National Gambling Board, I don’t believe we’ll see any progress any time soon.

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