Spin the Netent French Roulette wheel for a classic casino experience

Published on 9 March 2013 by Casino Admin

Enjoy the high pay out rate of Netent table game French RouletteWho says “casino”, says roulette. Because there’s no other casino game image or casino game symbol (not even of slots, the dice or the symbols of a deck of cards) as the wheel of the roulette table that immediately triggers the classic image of a luxurious casino gaming house . Of course such an iconic casino table game can’t be missed in any Netent Casino and that’s why Net Entertainment has developed 2 virtual roulette table games of which below we discuss the one called French Roulette.

Of all casino games the roulette is the most famous, the most iconic and also one of the oldest as it was, in a rudimentary form, already played in the 18-th century. It wasn’t however until the 19-th century when the two French brothers Blanc, who had already exploited various roulette tables in Germany, started their luxurious casino in Monte Carlo for the European rich and famous of that time. From Monte Carlo the French Roulette became known worldwide and eventually one of the most popular casino game of all times.

The virtual, online versions of roulette powered by Netent also are among their most popular and thus most played games of their casino games portfolio. Nowadays the game is playable in both the Flash casino as Netent Touch mobile casino and in the recently launched Netent Live Casino.

On the game screen of French Roulette of course you’ll see the roulette wheel and the bet field with its inside betting areas (the numbers 0 until 36) and the outside betting areas (red/black, even/odd etc.). Very convenient, especially for those players who aren’t very familiar with the game’s different wagering possibilities, is the feature with which you can go with your mouse over the bet areas which makes the numbers belonging to that bet area light up. So at every wager you can exactly see which numbers are included in your bet, maiking it almost impossible to make a betting mistake and facilitating getting to know all the game’s wagering possibilities.

Another important part of the play screen is the notification board where you can find the “hot”, regularly occurring numbers and the “cold”, seldom appearing ones. You can bet on the hot and cold numbers by placing a chip on them. Below the hot and cold numbers you’ll also find the win percentages of the even/odd and red/black betting areas.

Accompanied by a relaxed piano play background music, Netent’s French Roulette table game really offers a realistic gaming experience, not in the least because of its Return to Player percentage of 97,3%, which is the same percentage as the French roulette tables you’ll find in real brick and mortar casinos.

Have a look on the Netent French Roulette page to play the game for free and read all other details. To immediately enjoy its high payout percentages by playing for real money you can visit PortomasoLive casino.


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