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How We Star Rate Casinos at

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How We Star Rate Casinos at NetentCasino.comIt’s hugely important to us that we rate the casinos in a way that you can understand. So you know exactly what a high, or low rating means, and how we calculate the rating that we give each casino. We do offer detailed reviews, telling you exactly what languages they offer, what games, which payment methods, promotions etc, but we want you to be able to see, at a glance, if a casino is worth giving a try.

Introduction to Star Ratings

You’ll see that each casino has it’s very own Star Rating out of 5 and below I will explain exactly how we give that rating; what’s taken into account and what every star means. There are various sections taken into account so, just because a casino has all Netent games, it wont necessarily have the top star rating- it has to meet other requirements too. On the same note, a casino that meets all our other factors, but only has a few Netent games can have a really good star rating.

No ‘Bad’ Casinos

It should be understood that any casino listed here is a reliable casino- we do not promote casinos where players consistently have problems or any unsavoury behaviour takes place. We will remove casinos from our site and alert you in the news whenever a casino is deemed troublesome or unsafe.

How We Rate

You should know that the star rating goes up in increments of 0.5, so it’s possible to receive a half star rating. We rigorously check and test all casinos listed on our site and give our rating based on some very important factors. The higher the rating, the all round ‘better’ the casino is. Here is how we calculate;

Number of RNG Netent games / video slots:

1 Point Value (0.5 Star)

– quite simply, if the casino has all, or almost all, of Netent’s games, they get a point. If they only have a very small offering, no star for this factor.

Availability of Netent Jackpots, Touch, Live Casino:

2 Point Value (1 Star)

– does the casino offer these extra features? Does it have a good range of jackpot games (not necessarily all of them, but some at least)? Does it offer Netent Touch on mobile? Does it offer Netent’s Live Casino? If a decent enough range is included, they get 2 extra points towards the star rating.

Exclusive promotions / bonuses for our readers, Netent Tournaments, Monthly bonuses:

1 Point Value (0.5 Star)

– we always want to offer our readers something more, so any casino who can offer our readers a welcome bonus that is slightly better than the standard, will instantly get an extra point!

Reliability of the casino, reputation, experience and how many countries they accept players from:

2 Point Value (1 Star)

– this is an important one. New casinos will be marked down a little, losing these extra 2 points, until we have enough experience with them to make a proper call. Established casinos who have been going for years and are well thought of in the industry, will automatically get these 2 extra. We constantly re-evaluate everything on our site though, so once a new casino has been around a while and really proven themselves, they can get their star rating up too!

Reliability, relationship:

3 Point Value (1.5 Star)

– this is probably the most important factor. We speak directly with all the casinos we list here and if we have problems with them, then we know that players will too. If we feel the team behind the casino are reliable and helpful, if they help us work with our readers who encounter problems and get them sorted, then thats worth 3 extra juicy stars for their rating!

But this only totals up to 4.5 Stars- that’s right. Sometimes there are factors, you’re just not expecting, so we keep 0.5 of a star uncategorised to award where a casino offers something really unique.

Did you know?

You can now rate casinos yourself, with your own star ratings! Each and every reader rating will affect the casinos overall player rating PLUS for December 2014, everyone who rates a casino will be in with a chance of winning €1000! Read all about rating casinos and how you can win: here.

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