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Stay loyal or move around – the pros and cons of sticking to one casino

Published on by Adam


If you’re looking to spin some reels or play a little blackjack, there is an overwhelming number of options at your disposal. A quick look at our top lists will show you hundreds of casinos you can access and a Google search will no doubt turn up thousands.

New players frequently encounter the same dilemma. Should they sign up to several casinos or stick to just the one? Are these disadvantages to having an account on many casinos? Are you missing out if you stick to just one or two? Today we are talking about being loyal to one casino versus playing at several casinos, and what pros and cons you can expect of each option.

Staying loyal

Some players prefer to have just the one account with one casino, maybe with two at a stretch. And there is merit to this decision.

For one thing, you don’t have to remember different account details. We highly recommend reading up on account security and the importance of using different passwords for different online services. While online casino sites are by necessity heavily secured against intrusion, that’s all for nothing if you use the same password on all your accounts. Hackers targeting other sites can easily break in to any other online service when you’ve been using the same security credentials you used to log in to MySpace in 2001. Sticking to one casino means you only need remember one (unique, secure) password.

Similarly, sticking with one casino means you do not need to read and memorize the salient points of multiple Terms and Conditions documents, which can make for boring reading any day of the week.

If you choose to play at just the one casino, you are more likely to see some rewards through their loyalty program, if they have one. It makes much more sense to play at one casino only if you feel their rewards are worth it. This makes it easier to reap the rewards, sooner.

Playing on multiple sites

The main reason people decide to open accounts with various casinos is variety. Your average human is easily bored and so it stands to reason that playing at different sites will help to sate that need for novelty. If you find that you get bored easily, you will probably appreciate being able to change things up every so often.

With every new account sign-up, there’s always a welcome bonus, often including free spins! This also ties in to the previous point – a new welcome bonus means more opportunity to try new games, without breaking the bank. Of course, we remind you of the importance of reading the terms and conditions very closely and even refreshing your memory every so often. This is particularly helpful if you have accounts on multiple sites as the details really are important in this case.

Having an account on different casino sites can also be handy if you like to keep different kinds of gambling separate. While plenty of online sites have casino games and a sports book, some players might wish to keep their sports betting and their casino play separate. Some casinos might have better terms for slots while others are advantageous towards sports betting players.

In conclusion

Both approaches have their merits and players should feel free to choose whichever option they feel suits them and their playing style best.

The best advice we can give is to do your research. Read up as much as you can on the casino or casinos you choose to play at so that you get the whole picture on what you can expect. Read trusted sites to help stay informed, both on casino news and promotions as well as regulatory news, so you can make a fully informed decision.

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