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Super Powers at The Casino

Published on by Adam

Super Powers at The CasinoMany people have fond memories of their childhood hobbies and interests, and for a large proportion of those, that includes the wonderful world of superheroes! We spent hours poring over comics or watching animated cartoons, immersing ourselves in the make-believe realm of magic and superpowers. Afterwards, we would recreate our favourite scenes, complete with displays of super strength, the power to stop time or telekinesis.

As we’ve gotten older, we may watch fewer cartoons and read fewer comics but the thought of having superpowers is a fantasy still enjoyed. As casino players, how would having super powers improve our luck at the reels or the tables?

By the numbers

A survey of some 2,000 participants revealed some interesting things about how casino players would use their superpowers to their advantage. The researchers narrowed down the top five answers, determining which were the most popular super powers and how they would be used.

Mind over matter

Telekinesis is the power to move objects purely by the force of thought. 32% of Baby Boomers (i.e. players aged 55 and up), 30% of Generation X (aged 35-45) and 19% of Millenials (aged between 25 and 35) said that this would be their superpower of choice. This makes sense – imagine being able to place bets at tables or shuffling the cards in your favour!

Smart thinking

Not all casino games rely solely on luck. When it comes to card games in particular, skill and quick thinking are equally important. Being super smart can definitely come in handy! The proportions of respondents favouring this super power are as follows: Millenials 21%; Baby Boomers 21%; Generation X 17%

All-seeing power

X-ray vision would certainly give a player the edge, particularly in games like poker and blackjack. 20% of Gen X-ers, 18% of Millenials and 18% of Baby Boomers agree.

Turn back the clock

Suffered a bad hand? Made a bad bet? It’s at times like these that the power to time travel would certainly improve your game – simply will the clock back a couple minutes and make the right decision. 22% of Millenials would agree with this statement, as would 17% of Generation X players and 16% of Baby Boomers.

Taking control

What would you do if you had the power to control minds? Perhaps encourage an opponent to fold prematurely. Or even subtly convince another player to get out of your lucky seat at the blackjack table – mind control doesn’t always have to be about the grand gestures. 14% of Millenials, 9% of Gen X-ers and 8% of Baby Boomers would use mind control to their advantage.

Is it kosher?

Of course, it is hard to determine the ethical consequences of having a make-believe power, mostly because it is make-believe. Still, surely there would be some concerns about cheating and getting caught?

Apparently, that’s not a huge concern for the survey respondents. When asked whether they would risk using their chosen super power if it meant getting caught, a whopping 84% of Millenials, 81% of Generation X respondents and 79% of Baby Boomers said they would be ready to use their enhanced powers to win, even if it means risking getting caught.

Play by the rules

Since super powers have been difficult to come across outside the world of comics and movies, us mere mortals will have to make use of our regular powers of skill and critical thinking (as well as a dose of good luck) to chase those elusive casino wins.

Luckily, there are plenty of places you can go to have a great time, even if you aren’t Superman. Check out Casinovo, Betive and Casillion for a quality gaming experience. You can also browse our many casino reviews to find out which casino will suit you best.

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