Super Spins Week – New Casumo Welcome Bonus for all!

Published on 29 July 2015 by Casino Admin

Casino Super Spins Week

Are you all set to start your next adventure? Tighten your boot straps and make sure you’ve got a couple extra sandwiches packed, as this week is setting out to be all about the adventure casino – Casumo! See what all the little ‘sumos have to offer…

Casumo Welcome Bonus – New and Improved!

Have you ever wondered exactly what makes a Casumo tick? So have we, we have yet to figure out the answer but we assume they have similar anatomy to humans (more specifically sumo wrestlers) and absolutely love to prove themselves in their special Casumo missions and earn new belts that reflect their new-found skills. The way things work in the Casumo society are a little peculiar, Casumos aren’t judged on their appearance (because they are all super cute), they aren’t judged on their knowledge (all they know is slots) however, they differentiate between one and other by the piece of rope laced around their tummies. You may have noticed it before, it works essentially the same way that a sumo’s belt does, the actual piece of rope being the initiative ranked casumo and the black belt being the elite slots master sumo.

Every Casumo has one thing in common, they love a good bonus. The Casumo Welcome Bonus has been revamped to give the little critters a reason to smile when the weather isn’t cooperating. So, wow and behold the new casumo welcome bonus, where the first, second, third, fourth and even the fifth deposit will give you some sugar! As after you have completed all deposit steps, you will have 200 free spins to enjoy and these will be split up as 20 free spins per day to each lucky Casumo.

The new Casumo welcome bonus is as follows;

  • a 200% first deposit bonus up to €50
  • a 50% second deposit bonus up to €150
  • a 50% third deposit bonus up to €200
  • a 25% fourth deposit bonus up to €400
  • a 25% fifth deposit bonus up to €400

Casumo Super Spins Sunday

You may have heard about the fabled Casumo Super Spins before, these are not your average free spins. They work the same way as free spins in the way that they are a spin that plays for free, however, they are considerably more valuable than the average free spins offered by casinos. A Casumo Super Spin will have the equivalent value to a €3 bet on one spin, letting you really cash in should you hit a big multiplier as you have ‘betted’ a quite substantial amount. It’s just another way to keep the little Casumo’s smiling.

For the latest news regarding bonus offers and promotions as well as a comprehensive casino comparison, visit our Casumo reviews page to learn more.


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