Swede Rakes Home 2 Massive Local Jackpots at Casumo!

Published on 20 November 2015 by Casino Admin

Swede Rakes Home 2 Massive Local Jackpots at Casumo!

Definitely one of our highest performer when it comes to payouts, Casumo has yet again paid out over €150,000 in their local jackpot to one very lucky Swede. So, let us all reluctantly give a cheerful congratulations and learn how he did it. 

Casumo Casino

Casumo are immensely popular among our players and it belongs to a special category of casinos who cater to every corner of their player base, not just the top spenders. In practice it is implemented into a point system where players will gain achievements for hitting certain milestones, these achievement points will accumulate and reward the player with bonuses and free spins according to what milestone has been passed and the player has progressed.

We like this concept very much, Casumo are not the only casino who offer this however, many so-called Adventure Casinos have popped up in the past two years and the basic idea is to cater to all players with a compelling story and theme while rewarding the player for their lost investment.

Casumo Local Jackpots

Casumo also offer other unique features, one which in this case has paid out to a very lucky player from Sweden in a big way. The Swede fancied himself lucky after spinning a successful €17,105 in one spin, adding to his undoubtedly overwhelming adrenaline rush, the Swede decided to keep playing. This was a very clever decision, as after a few more spins he cashed out with a heart-wrenching €156,440!

The Casumo local jackpot was won in the Cosmic Fortune Slot, local jackpots can be particularly beneficial for the player as they are only bound to the players of a certain site, as opposed to pooled jackpots which can be won across a range of casinos which increases the competition for that lucky spin.

So, a big congratulations to the Swede at Casumo, for being at the right place at the right time and making a life changing spin and becoming a much richer man because of it.

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