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Searching For A Great New Game? Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge…

Searching For A Great New Game? Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge…

Published on by James

NetEnt keeps on rolling out the hits, and we think Temples Of Nudges is all set to be another.

Temple of Nudges is scheduled to launch on 21st March, and has inspired a lot hype, so here’s the latest news to help fuel the hype train even more.

Read below for all the details on Temple of Nudges released by NetEnt so far.

Temple of Nudges Game Breakdown

Temple of Nudges is a brand new 5-reel, 3-row video slot from everyone’s favourite, NetEnt.

It has a whopping 243 bet lines, which means there’s a big number of ways to win, and it has two exciting features built into the game: nudges and re-spins (we’ll look at those in more detail below).

The game is themed like an Aztec or Mayan temple, with stone carving adorning the slot reel and tribal figures for symbols.

The jungle setting in the background gives the game a sense of place, and the music is delightfully charming and cheerful – unlike some of those real-life Aztec warriors.

The game has ten different betting levels (1 – 10) and seven different coin values (0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 1) which modify the size of the wager you place.

The coin value increases the value of the coins that you put on the bet lines, and the betting level increases the number of those coins which you put down on each line.

This means that the minimum bet that you can make, i.e. on level 1 and coin value 0.01, is 0.25.

The maximum bet is the converse of this and comes in at 250. The RTP for Temple of Nudges is 96.03%.

There are two relevant maximum wins in Temple of Nudges, the first is the single bet win maximum win of 90.

The second is the maximum coinciding win, which is the maximum win after all the amazing nudges, re-spins, and multipliers in the game, that comes in at 21,870 – wow!

Temple of Nudges in Game Special Features

Temple of Nudges main aim, you could say, is to keep the main reels spinning, and for the multipliers to stack up on one another.

This makes for an exciting game and the way they do this is by using the two in game features: nudges and re-spins.

Temple of Nudges’ Nudges

The way the Nudges work is quite simple, imagine it is like you giving the slot reel a genuine nudge.

Each time there is a winning combination, and after the win count has been made, the reels will move one symbol down. If there’s a new win revealed, this will be added to your total and another nudge will occur. If you keep winning, it keeps nudging.

Temple of Nudges’ Re-Spins

The re-spin mode is activated when the re-spin overlay lands upon one of the symbols on the slot reel. When it does, all the symbols of that type stay fixed on the reels and every other symbol keeps spinning. This obvious then allows you to build up some impressive winning bet lines.

Check out the Temple of Nudges Teaser Trailer

All this Temple of Nudges talk may have gotten you excited to start playing, which, unfortunately, you cannot do until the 21st of March. However, NetEnt, have released a trailer for the game for you to check out – is this trailer you can see how the game mechanics work, what the theme musics like, how the graphics look and more.

If you like the look of the trailer, then you won’t have to wait long for our full in-depth game review. Keep your eyes peeled for when it goes live, and until then make sure to check out some of our other reviews of this year’s newest NetEnt hits.

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