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The 5-Reel Magic of the Silver Screen

Published on by Adam

There’s no doubt that we, the online casino world, have been spoiled over the years. As the industry has rocketed to encompass a worldwide following, the games and slots we play have improved markedly at a similar pace. In our eyes, there’s no better casino games developer than NetEnt – with hit after hit being released over their two-decade existence to our delight.

While there are undoubtedly several top efforts, one of the areas in which NetEnt slots have been most successful is when they’re branded titles – in particular, movie casino games.

NetEnt have never been at their most popular than with their movie-themed slots

It’s not hard to understand why movie-themed slots are so entertaining, as they fuse the thrill of a blockbuster with the chance to win money. However, making a casino game based on a movie that’s original, creative, and most importantly popular, is no easy feat. Unless, of course, you’re NetEnt it seems…

NetEnt Slots History – How They’ve Progressed to Their Current Unmatched Status

Any experienced gamer can attest to NetEnt’s impact in ushering in the new era of online slots. Better and more compelling graphics, soundtracks and interfaces have made their way from just our desktop screens to mobile devices in recent times, with as much emphasis being placed on gamification features as technological breakthroughs.

Frankenstein slot's reels in action

You can see just how far NetEnt have come in such a limited period of time by taking in their oldest movie-based slot released in 2011, Frankenstein. Compare that with the Enojiplanet game released 6 years later to see a much more polished look and feel.

EmojiPlanet's gameplay displaying a modern finish

However, a facelift isn’t critical to a standard slot’s success, let alone a movie casino game. Developers need to really wow the iGaming community to make releases breakthrough titles, and that usually involves utilising their license to its maximum by producing events or features that wouldn’t be possible without the backing of a film studio.

Movie-Themed Slots Seem to Push NetEnt’s Creativity into Overdrive

We’re not sure whether it’s the pressure to fashion a masterpiece when NetEnt sign branded agreements or something else, but no one can deny that the results haven’t had us glued to our screens for far too long.

All have been unique and intriguing in many ways. The aforementioned Emojiplanet, for instance, deployed the previously used Cluster Pays payout system, but as a tweaked version so fewer symbols were needed to make scoring combinations.

The South Park game series demonstrated the pure potential of branded titles, as memorable features relating to each character’s on-screen personas were dreamt up – who could ever forget the fights with Professor Chaos!?

Oh, and then there’s the small matter of the Planet of the Apes game which came along and pretty much put two casino slots in one…

Yep, that’s right. If it’s somehow escaped your attention, we highly recommend that you play the Planet of the Apes slot due to its revolutionary nature. There’s no stone left unturned, with a double helping of the usual NetEnt free spins and bonus rounds thanks to the influence of both the Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) movies.

The slot doesn’t even cost you more either, with a minimum bet amount of €0.20 being on par with the norm.

It’s been suggested that this Planet of the Apes game could well be NetEnt’s most detailed yet, with ape leader Caesar presented heavily within both the slot’s bonuses and special cut scenes. Leading actors from both Rise and Dawn appear as symbols for each respective movie’s reels too, often with some sort of feature attached.

If you thought South Park’s license was exploited to its limit, you’ve seen nothing yet!

NetEnt Have a Quality Track Record in Multiple Movie Genres

While many believe that action movies serve slots best due to their fast-paced genre, NetEnt have time and again proved themselves to be so much more than that. Their Universal Monsters slot series have been entertaining us since the aforementioned Frankenstein, making it surely the longest-running set of slots in iGaming. These titles are often creepy affairs, with sudden shocks befitting the horror genre much more than constant action.

The sci-fi slot Aliens took gamification to the next level with its FPS-style levels, capturing the shock value of its 1986-released eponymous movie perfectly.

NetEnt’s Scarface also brought Tony Montana’s organised crime to the online casino world in 2012, with the infamous “say hello to my little friend” shootout being the slot’s basepoint. Both these two titles have now, sadly, been removed.

Perhaps the most interesting avenue NetEnt have been down is August 2017’s Emojiplanet (or Emoji Planet, depending on your source).

The previous instalments have all centred around highly-acclaimed movies, so basing a title around the critically panned Emoji Movie provided a real test for the Swedish developer.

However, the slot dispelled any negative rumblings by enjoying considerably more success than its film counterpart. As we mentioned above, NetEnt also made the bold move of employing their Cluster Pays mechanic rather than standard bet lines, mixing things up at just the right moment.

Finally, it was a huge shame when NetEnt’s South Park game series was removed at the end of March 2017, with the iGaming community reeling from such a loss. The pressure of bringing such a hit to online casino was immense, but they did such a good job with the original South Park slot that they decided to go back for a second bite with South Park: Reel Chaos.

The iconic TV series was turned into two South Park games

We’re still holding out to see Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny take to the reels once more…

Acclaimed Movie-Themed Video Games Get a Lot of Credit, So Why Not Online Casino Titles Too?

Games based on movies have been around for decades, but we often see our video game counterparts lauded with the most praise. Of course, we understand they have a much wider reach capacity, but there’s no doubting that NetEnt’s work is of similar ilk in online casino.

We thought it was high time for them to bask in the quality of their work, with appropriate appreciation given for the years they’ve put in to making movie-themed slots as entertaining as they are.

And on that final note…

Why Movie-Themed NetEnt Slots Are Here to Stay

Despite sometimes being difficult and lengthy to negotiate, not to mention the extra pressure from expectations, we can’t see NetEnt doing anything other than continuing to explore branded movie slot games.

Nothing captures our iGaming imaginations quite like an official title in the works, with the promise of certified content proving too alluring for us to ignore.

It’s not as though NetEnt have suffered any major setbacks when creating branded titles either – except, of course, the unfortunate disappointment we all share when licenses are not renewed and classics are taken away.

So, with blockbuster movie titles and series appearing left, right and centre these days, there’s an abundance of choices and genres that could appear at your favourite online casino soon enough courtesy of NetEnt.

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