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The beauty of an online (casino) payment method like… Neteller!

Published on by Adam

Neteller is one of the most available online payment methods in NetEnt Casinos Neteller is the most available online payment method in the NetEnt Casinos as listed on our NetEnt Fansite (and for very, VERY good reasons). But did you know a Neteller account also for loads of other purposes can come in very, VERY handy?

My personal experiences with Neteller

I’ve been a Neteller ‘client’ for almost 3 years now and I must say I’ve never been more enthusiastic about any other online payment method before. It’s not only an ideal way to get money on my numerous NetEnt Casino accounts (at numerous different casinos of course) and the perfect withdrawal method to occasionally get a substantial casino win cashed out, but my Neteller account also allows me to use it as the most basic form of ‘banking’: simple, practical, transparent and efficient.

First of all I’m a ‘fully fledged’ Neteller client which means I’ve fully ‘identified’ myself to Neteller after having signed up for an account. That doesn’t mean I’ve disclosed any sensitive financial information to Neteller but simply that I’ve sent the company a scan of my valid ID. After my Neteller had verified I really was the person I am, I’ve immediately applied for a ‘plastic’ Net+ Prepaid MasterCard which was shipped to me within 21 days.

Now, this ‘Neteller MasterCard’ has all the functions of a ‘normal’ credit card so I can pay with it on any of the millions of websites and to billions of web-merchants that accept online MasterCard payments. What’s more, I can also pay with the card in the trillions of ‘Points of Sale’ (POS, normal ‘real-life’ shops) all around the world that equally are more than happy to accept MasterCard as a legitimate ‘currency’. There’s practically no place I can go (either ‘virtually’, or in reality) where my Neteller MasterCard wouldn’t come in handy.

‘Daily life’ with my Neteller account

So I pay with my Neteller for my shopping in Holland, when I go on holiday to the Bahamas, for the caretaker and gardener in Brazil, for my visit to the International Casino Exchange in London, for NetFlix, my internet connection, utility bills, dining in restaurants, drinking in bars and a zillion things more and the beauty of it all is… I never spend too much as the card of course is a prepaid ‘debit’ card instead of a MasterCard ‘credit’ card. So no loan is ever provided and once the funds are gone, they’re really gone (after which new funds should be uploaded to be able to use the card again).

One of the best features of Neteller is the possibility to transfer money to whomever you want all over the world (basically provided the recipient has a valid e-mail address). In that way my mother (an incredibly active and vivacious young woman of 72) recently has opened a Neteller account to send me the funds to buy a birthday present for her granddaughter. And the actual motivation for this article was the resolved problem of today of how to get money from a house owner in the States to yours truly over here in Brazil to pay for some overdue maintenance… by Neteller of course.

Learn more about Neteller as an online casino payment method

If you want to know more about Neteller and, for that matter, all other online casino payment options you should have a look on the Payments page on our website. There you’ll not only find tons of information about over 35 online banking methods but also in which NetEnt Casinos to find them.

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