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The Benefits of playing at a Bitcoin Casino

Published on by Adam

The Benefits of playing at a Bitcoin CasinoWe have touched earlier on what exactly Bitcoins are, we would however like to give a brief explanation on how they are applicable to online gaming and how we suspect they will be implemented to more and more online casinos as time passes. 

Bitcoin Casino – What are they and how do they work?

Understandably, unless you have a specific interest for things like Bitcoins, this might not be considered a particularly fun or exciting read. Although you have to look at the bigger picture, Bitcoins aren’t just a made up name for a made up currency where economic and political factors can disrupt the value or inflate the currency beyond recognition. Bitcoin Casinos have become more and more common, a quick google search will give you a listing of casinos that do not look like places you would like to spend your money. We have however, after some trial and error found Bitcoin Casino where you can safely play using untraceable funds.

You might be asking yourself – What is the benefit of Bitcoins anyway? Why is it better than any other payment method?

Some casinos will simply pawn off the applicable fees for any payment method which takes a transaction fee, using any of the more common methods of deposit such as Neteller, Paypal or Skrill will result in either the casino or in the worst case scenario, the player to have to pay this fee. Depending on where you are from this differs, in the United States players are normally responsible for paying any transaction fees related to their deposit for example.

Bitcoins completely eliminate this fee, in close to all cases, Bitcoin Casino transactions are processed for free. The savings of a casino that use Bitcoins is quite significant, and in most cases this means better promotions and an improved player experience. Also keeping in mind that Bitcoins are completely untraceable, players who do not want their gaming to show on a joint credit report will absolutely appreciate the incognito layout of Bitcoins. Also, maybe not as relevant for players who play from a regulated market, but Bitcoins are an entirely decentralized form of currency which lacks any and all ties to a government or off-shore regulatory bank. This means that Bitcoin Casino transactions are not subject to being frozen or seized for any reason which is currently happening to players in unregulated markets. It is a truly free and self-sufficient currency which grows and earns value depending on carefully calculated algorithms, essentially making it immune to human and government error.

Recommended BitCoin Casino

As with anything new, there are some issues to keep in mind when introducing a new and revolutionary concept like Bitcoins. We have after some trial and error found two safe and reliable Bitcoin casino sites that we can recommend. The first Bitcoin Casino we would like to recommend is ParadiseWin Casino, a well-established and licensed casino where players can play their favourite games with peace of mind. The second Bitcoin Casino we would like to recommend is Vera&John Casino, a solid and honest Swedish casino that has been in the business for years, having loads of experience and expertise behind them you can rest easy when playing at Vera&John Casino. 

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