The Best RTPs in the Business in 2015

Published on 20 October 2015 by Elise

The Best RTPs in the Business in 2015What do Zombies and Blood Suckers have in common? (Bar a passion for nibbling humans, of course). When you’re talking about the NetEnt slots that share the same name, they also share one major feature. Along with the magic-themed Simsalabim, classic Kings of Chicago and the frankly sinful Devils Delight, they are the top five games, offering the highest return-to-player ratios (RTPs) of any other NetEnt video slot. More than that, their RTPs place them among the very best in the industry. We told you all about return-to-player ratios last year and now, here’s a little recap, games review and, just for fun, we test the system!


Ok, so it sounds a little boring but, when you learn that the higher the figure is, the better your chances are of winning that elusive big win, RTPs suddenly get a whole lot more interesting.

The return-to-player ratio, in basic terms, details to a player their chances of winning a game. If a game has an RTP of 95% then, over a considerable period of time playing that game, you could win back 95% of what you put in. So, the higher the percentage, the more often you are to win. Having said that, most players will be only too aware that, in the short-term, games can easily go either way; some days you win, some days you lose! Thus why it isn’t just the highest RTP ratio games that are played at casinos.


The RTPs for NetEnt games typically range between 94% and 96%- which is fairly usual for the industry as a whole and, if you’re interested in learning the RTP ratio for a particular NetEnt game, you can check out the game’s review in that section of our site. Right at the top of the review- in the ‘video slot game details’, you can find the percentage for that game (called Payout Percentage- another industry term used to describe return-to-player ratios).

For obvious reasons, a casino will very rarely feature a game (nor would developers create one!) with a greater than 100% RTP ratio but, some games, namely the ones at the start of this article, do offer very desirable percentages- swinging the odds of a win just that bit more in your favour. Here’s a little run-down of those top five:


As you will likely have guessed from the title, Blood Suckers is all about fluffy bunnies and unicorns. Oh no, wait, it’s actually full of blood and gore and all things vampire-related (in more of a Dracula than a Twilight kind of way). An ancient burial tomb is the backdrop when the bonus game is triggered- when three bonus symbols match up left-to-right on an active wine line. Find and defeat the vampires (stake provided!) and you receive coins for each. Bats escaping a tomb are a bad thing, as that signals the end of the bonus round. Blood suckers has a RTP ratio of a huge 98%– by far the best of any we know of.


Kings of Chicago is popular with those who prefer a more classic slot. Symbols resemble animated versions of the kings and queens you might expect to see on a deck of cards (with a 20’s/30’s Chicago twist), and is a combination of a poker game and a video slot. In place of reels, Kings of Chicago has 5 x 3 rows of cards, and uses 1 deck of cards which are shuffled before every turn. The RTP ratio of Kings of Chicago is an almost unmatched 97.8%.


Devils Delight features animated versions of all of the symbols you might commonly associate with Satan, himself- a rather comical looking grim reaper, tombstones, skeletons and a she-devil (the highest scoring symbol on the pay table). The aim is to collect souls. Do so, and you’ll be rewarded with wonderful free spins! Devils Delight offers players a theoretic payout of 97.6%– another monstrous RTP compared to the average.


Abracadabra! Alakazam! The magic-themed slot, Simsalabim, will make your cash disappear but, over a period of time, could give you 97.5% of it back and, just perhaps, a whole lot more besides. (See what we did there?). The game adopts all the magic cliches- find your way to a bonus game and you’ll have an opportunity to whip plenty of rabbits, and great prizes, out of the hat.


Prizes of up to 100,000 coins are up for grabs on Zombies, and it’s yet another fairly gory NetEnt offering- with eyeballs, brains and weapons spinning on the reels. There are Wilds, a Stacked Wild- which shows up in reel 5 on occasion, and Random Wilds- which pop up at random (as you might expect) and change 6 symbols into wilds to increase your chances of winning. The RTP ratio for Zombies is a very healthy 97.2%.


We decided to test the games out for size, auto-playing 1000 rounds on each to see how the percentages play out in practise. Obviously, being games of chance, it’s by no means an exact science- least of all as, if we had won big before the 1000 rounds were up, we would have cashed out- but it might just give you an idea. Besides, it’s been rather a fun way to while away a little time! Win lines, bet levels and coin values vary for each, so we adjusted accordingly to set each wager to €1.00 and started spinning. Here are the results:

  • Blood Suckers– If we had been playing for real here, our RTP ratio in reality would have been 95.8%
  • Kings of Chicago– On this occasion, our RTP worked out more like 96.98%
  • Devils Delight– The Devil was pretty good to us this time. RTP ratio worked out at 99.8%
  • Simsalabim– We had a great game on Simsalabim! RTP ratio of 101.38% (We were €250 up 20 spins into the game, however, and would have cashed out!)
  • Zombies– Again, the Zombies were kind today. Ratio worked out as 98.4%

Just goes to show! Here’s hoping the RTP gods are shining on you for your next game!


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