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The brick and mortar casinos vs the online Netent Casinos

Published on by Adam

Read all about the normal casinos versus the online (Netent) casinosNot long ago the American editor that publishes the American Casino Guide (a paperback travelguide with all the details about the casinos that operate in 41 of the United States of America) held an inquiry under regular casino visitors about the complaints they might have about the real casinos they frequent. Quite interesting to, in 2 parts, compare the Top 5 of complaints with the situation in the online casinos that offer the Net Entertainment powered casino games

From least to most expressed grieves.

The fifth place of complaints from players about the brick-and-mortar casinos they visit is taken by the ventilation system that in many casinos doesn’t seem to be managing to coop with the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke. This while in many casinos nowadays they’ve got smoke free playing rooms, sometimes even incentivized by (local) laws.

Of course in an online Netent Casino the scent is always nice and enjoyable as it’s the fragrance of your own living room or other compartment of your house you’re playing from. It could be the smell of lavender, of an Indian curry meal, an Irish stew, your sweat socks or some kind of air freshener… it doesn’t matter what kind of aroma. In your online Netent Casino at your own home you yourself are the decision making casino boss on what perfume reaches your nostrils while playing.

On fourth place of the Top 5 of casino annoyances are the seemingly endless cues at the casino’s buffets or restaurants in which the player needs to spend too much time before they get something eatable on their plate. Apparently the American players want to spend as less time as possible doing other things than only playing in the casino, so standing in line waiting for a burger is a real bummer.

Also this problem doesn’t exist while visiting an online Netent Casino because if you get hungry while playing you simply get over to your fridge or pantry, grab some food and/or beverages to immediately start playing again while your consuming your snacks or nourishment. There’s no one to bother you about your eating habits although we think it’s “not done” to communicate with your fellow players in the Live Casino’s by Live Chat while munching or talking with a mouthful of fish ‘n chips.

The third most named unsatisfactory fact the players have stated in the inquiry are the lack of available slot machine assistants in the casinos when one of those “one armed bandits” is malfunctioning and as a player you need assistance.

Again a problem we almost never encounter in an online casino and certainly not when it comes to the casino games and video slots developed by Netent that have a fail percentage of almost zero. And in the unlikely event something really goes wrong you’ve got a readily available and easily reachable customer service or helpdesk at your service to help you out in the most friendly and efficient way.

As you can see on all the three complaints of players about the brick-and-mortar wagering establishments as mentioned above, the online casino gaming option scores better, especially when comparing the grievances with the Netent Casinos and the Net Entertainment powered casino games. Tomorrow in part 2 you can read what the most expressed complaints were in the inquiry and if those complaints are valid for online Netent Casinos too.

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