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The Casumo Casino Challenge

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The Casumo Casino Challenge

Casumo have prepared a promotion for their players, continuing until the 11th of November. The idea behind the challenge is to take players through several steps of achievements by completing different stages, depending on what difficulty level you choose, the difficulty and reward of each achievement vastly increases with each available difficulty mode.

Casumo’s Casino Challenge

Casumo have arranged a challenge for their players, where they have split up the promotion into three parts, each of the different difficulties basically have the same rules, the only difference being that first place in the ‘Easy mode’ would reward the player with €800, whereas the ‘Hardcore mode’ can earn a player up to €10,000.

To participate, players simply need to choose one of the three presented levels of difficulty. Once completed, the player will be prompted to go through several steps, where different challenges are present at each steps. On some of the challenges for example, players need to earn themselves the next step in the challenge by completing a slot-related task. This can entail spinning a set amount of times, wagering a certain amount or even winning within the slot a set amount of times.

After choosing the difficulty and deciding what bet range you wish to play on, you simply just have to get cracking and start biting off each mission within each challenge. The rules and conditions for completion of the missions differ between each mission.

The first challenge will require that you complete 150 spins, there are recommendations made by Casumo themselves regarding which slot is the most fitting to complete the challenge, but any slot is acceptable.

Continue with the second challenge, where players will have to earn the completion of the mission, as the mission requires a full 100 winning rounds in any recommended slot before the player is allowed to progress any further in the casino challenge. The next step in the challenge is something similar, as it also required a set amount of wins before the player is allowed to progress to the next level in the challenge, except in this part players need to get three winning rounds in a row before progressing.

This far in the hurdle, you’ve earned yourself a prize for your efforts, coming this far in the challenge will reward players with a set amount of free spins depending on the chosen difficulty mode.

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