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The difference between a NetEnt Casino and any other online casino

Published on by Adam

NetEnt Casino BetHard has one of the best No Deposit Free Spins bonuses!As you might understand we as editors of this website are being regularly bombarded with all sorts of offers from non-NetEnt casino games providing online gaming parlors, that promise us ‘Heaven on Earth’ as long as we register at their casino.

The non-NetEnt online casino offer

Normally most of us ignore those sometimes very ‘seducing’ (promotional) propositions but as I had nothing to do yesterday and as it was a dreary and rainy Sunday anyway I decided (also out of pure professional curiosity) to give it a go at one of those online casinos and on a game I always had been (no less purely ‘professionally’) curious about.

The same ‘professionalism’ however prevents me from disclosing the actual casino over here as the establishment merely serves as a symbolic example of the point I will make in this article. It should suffice to clarify the casino welcome bonus for new subscribing players at the particular ‘John Doe’ casino consisted of ‘no less’ than 15 No Deposit Free Spins.

These No Deposit Free Spins should be played on a non-Netent video slot, of which my professionalism equally prevents me to disclose exactly which video slot and, more interesting for you as readers perhaps, provided by which casino games developing brand (which evidently wasn’t NetEnt). At this point It suffices to state the game apparently had something to do with ‘undead vampires’ and was the ‘living’ proof the company that actually did develop the slot has a quite ‘romantic’ view on ‘immortality’.

The registering procedure at ‘John Doe Casino’

As usual the e-mail announcing the No Deposit welcome offer had a convenient link to the website of the casino, but at arriving on their website it took me a few seconds to find the actual sign up section. Upon opening a basic dialog box appeared on which I scrupulously filled in the required registering data (which took me about 10 minutes as for some strange reason they already wanted my credit card data). When finished with subscribing I of course immediately tried to find the game with my 15 (potentially ‘promising’ No Deposit Free Spins on it.

The casino customer support service of ‘John Doe Casino’

Finding the game was no problem but loading the game took a few minutes and when it finally had opened it took me about 20 minutes to figure out how the game worked (which I actually only ‘more or less’ could make out as I couldn’t find the game’s rules), but meanwhile no sign of any (let alone ‘15’) No Deposit Free Spins.

Luckily the casino had a self-acclaimed ‘very efficient and client-friendly helpdesk service’ by Live Chat no less and after about 12 minutes an agent came to my ‘rescue’. After I explained the issue she ‘kindly’ asked me to ‘hold on’ (literally “Kindly hold on”) and after another 15 minutes ‘kindly holding on’ she asked me to ‘please’ provide her with almost the exact same data I just had so conscientiously filled in on the casino’s player registration form. She subsequently asked for “One moment please” (which seemingly lasted longer than ‘immortality’) and upon suddenly reappearing she stated the Free Spins were available on the download version of the casino.

The 15 No Deposit Free Spins in the downloadable version of ‘John Doe Casino’

After following the link the ‘very efficient’ and ‘kind’ helpdesk agent had provided I downloaded the casino software installed it on my laptop and opened the casino. To my surprise again a registration form needed to be filled out and after eventually having opened the game I finally could enjoy my 15 No Deposit Free gaming rounds.

The gameplay of the slot (I wish I could put it otherwise, or…no I don’t…) was an outright ‘deception’; dull, boring and with washed-out graphics. And although I didn’t count on a ‘life-changing’ jackpot win out of my 15 Free Spins (which, needless to say, didn’t last any longer than 60 seconds in all and granted not one winning win line, while the game has 243) at least I expected to get to know the game a little bit better, which unfortunately wasn’t the case either.

The difference between a NetEnt Casino and any online casino is…

For the lessons learned from my ‘adultery’ and the ‘moral’ of above story I suggest you do the following:

Open an account at any NetEnt Casino on our website that offers No Deposit Free Spins as a welcome bonus for new players (I recommend you claim the amazing offer of BetHard casino) and compare your own experiences with the above description of my ‘flirt’ with ‘John Doe’. When reviewing your conclusions please remember… ‘Only the Truth Will Set You Free’!

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