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The Innovators – NetEnt’s 4th Episode of The Challenge

Published on by Adam

Another Monday means another NetEnt The Challenge episode, and this week’s tone is a little different from what we’ve seen before. While the first 3 instalments of the web series have focussed on the mountaineering team themselves, this time we’re treated to the company’s innovation week!

We get to see what it’s like to work the one week of the year where NetEnt encourage total creativity – with teamwork heavily involved which should be key for the 4 participants as they head towards the Alps. See what happens in the video above.

Innovation Week at NetEnt

Cross-Border Communication Put to the Test

In a similar concept to the escape room craze, NetEnt assembled teams from Krakow, Kiev and Stockholm to solve riddles over the internet in order to crack the code for a locked box. This task was a perfect demonstration of how the software designer uses people from across the globe to work together and create the best online casino games.

Some of the candidates were also the ones chosen for the Alps mountain mission, so it was perfect preparation for the kind of collaboration that will take place to see the NetEnt flag placed at such a high altitude. What followed was great to see, the combination unlocked in record-breaking time!

Code in the Dark Competition

One of the most enjoyable aspects of innovation week at NetEnt was their code in the dark challenge. Essentially, everyone involved in this task was given a picture to edit using just HTML code, with no previews whatsoever so the end result was unpredictable.

I just wanted to check my skill compared with my friends, and then laugh at the results – Yuriy

While you would fairly assume that developers and coders had the upper-hand, the fact that many people are well-versed in the language meant that several interesting images appeared.

Meet NetEnt’s Studio Manager Piotr from Krakow

Although the theme of The Innovators was aimed towards innovation week itself, NetEnt still dedicated a decent chunk of our viewing to life at the company. In this feature, we were introduced to Studio Manager Piotr from the Polish NetEnt office – and he describes just how much he loves working there.

We are not just workers, we actually create the culture, company and so on – Piotr

Explaining that he is a huge people person, Piotr says this aligns with NetEnt’s philosophy of social interaction and the need to step out of your comfort zone.

Next Week, the Alps Beckons…

We’ve been waiting with bated breath for the departure of the 4 climbers, and it looks as though next week’s episode will be just that.

Concluding The Innovators, host Mimmi suggests that they will be “on their way” to the Alps to begin the journey – and you’ll be able to see it all unfold right here at Netent Casino.

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