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The Netent Poker Table Games Part 5: Caribbean Stud Pro Series

Published on by Adam

Caribbean Stud Pro Series only Netent jackpot table gameIn part 4 of this series of articles about the Netent poker table games we discussed Caribbean Stud Poker of which Netent itself states it’s the ‘standard’ version of its more classy ‘twin brother’ appropriately going by the more sophisticated title of ‘Netent Caribbean Stud Poker Professional Series’ (usually referred to as Caribbean Stud Pro). Read all about this jackpot poker table game in the article below.

When comparing Netent table game Caribbean Stud Poker with Caribbean Stud Professional Series it’s best to look at the differences between the two games as this is definitely the most time-saving and efficient option. The games could almost be considered ‘monozygotic twins’ (completely identical) if it weren’t for the following few distinguishing details and characteristics:

  • Caribbean Stud Pro has a different, more modern design and table (play screen) lay-out, giving the game a more ‘up-to-date’ look and fresh ‘feel’;
  • Caribbean Stud Pro has more game settings that can be adjusted to the likes of the player;
  • Caribbean Stud Pro can be played with a variety of bet amounts per game round while in the standard version of the game the maximum bet is set on € 100. In many casinos the player needs to choose to play the low stakes, medium stakes or high stakes version of Caribbean Stud Pro.

Apart from these three distinct factors Netent Caribbean Stud Professional Series is completely the same as its ‘standard’ Caribbean Stud Poker ‘twin’, with the same game play and the same jackpot that can be won.
Caribbean Stud Professional Series game play

In Caribbean Stud Pro the same game rules are applied as in the standard version of the Netent game and the same game play is followed.

Players place a bet on the Ante (and, if desired, on the jackpot) after which 5 cards are dealt to the player and 5 (1 face up and 4 face down) to the dealer. The player now decides to place the Ante bet or to ‘fold’ (losing the game round and thus the Ante bet). If the Call bet is placed by the player (which bet amount is always double the Ante bet) the 4 face down cards of the dealer are turned and disclosed. The two poker hands are compared to see which is ranked highest and determine the game round winner.

Just like in the standard edition also in Caribbean Stud Pro the dealer needs to ‘qualify’ by having at least an Ace and a King in his hand. So subsequently there are the same game round outcomes possible, being the following:

  • Dealer qualifies, but looses the poker hand: the player gets paid the Ante bet 1:1 and the Call bet according to the poker hand pay table;
  • Dealer doesn’t qualify: the player gets paid the Ante bet 1:1
  • Dealer and player have the same poker hand: it’s a ‘push’, the pot is split, no one wins, no one looses.
  • Dealer wins the poker hand: player looses all bets.

The poker hand pay table of Caribbean Stud Poker Pro is the same as is applied in Netent Caribbean Stud Poker and also the theoretic Return to Player percentage is exactly the same, being a nice 97,42%.

A jackpot win in Caribbean Stud Pro occurs when the player wins a game round by a Three of a Kind (or higher) poker hand and has, when placing the Ante bet, placed a bet on the jackpot. The default jackpot bet is set on € 1,00 (of which 75% contributes to the amount of the jackpot) and a Caribbean Stud Pro jackpot win is paid out according to the same jackpot bonus pay table as Caribbean Stud Poker has.

Try Netent Caribbean Stud Professional Series for free now!

If you want to learn more about the Caribbean Stud Poker table games powered by Netent you can visit the Caribbean Stud Poker game tutorial page on our website that doesn’t only have a complete explanation of the game’s rules, but also has the Caribbean Stud Professional Series free ‘fun play’ version on offer to play Caribbean Stud Pro completely for free.

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