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The Netent Poker Table Games part 6: Oasis Poker Professional Series

Published on by Adam

Netent Oasis Poker Professional Series offers exciting draw poker game play In this penultimate article in the series about the Netent poker table games we have a closer look at Oasis Poker Professional Series which is the only ‘draw poker’ table game developed by Net Entertainment and due to exactly this game feature offers exciting realistic and strategic poker game play.

Oasis Poker Professional Series (normally shortened to Oasis Poker Pro) makes part of the Netent ‘Professional Series’ table games and thus has the same ‘slick’ and modern design as its Texas Hold’em Pro and Caribbean Stud Pro counterparts. The game comes in 3 different versions (with Low Limit, Medium Limit and High Limit bets) and is based on both aspects of Caribbean Stud Poker (i.e. the Netent ‘flash’ casino gaming version) as well as ‘draw poker’.

In authentic ‘5-card’ draw poker players get dealt a full hand of 5 cards, all cards concealed (face down) and thus only visible for the specific player. A first betting round takes place after which follows ‘the draw’, meaning the players discard certain cards and have them replaced by new cards dealt by the dealer. By ‘drawing’ these new cards the player hopes to create the best (highest ranked) poker hand. An ‘after draw’ betting round follows, and subsequently the final ‘showdown’; comparing the hands of the different players to determine the game round winner.

A distinctive characteristic of original draw poker is that no cards whatsoever on any moment during a game round are dealt or handled ‘open’ (face up). On this point Netent Oasis Poker differs, as the dealer’s hand consists of 5 cards of which one is dealt face up and thus visible for the player, just like in the Netent Caribbean Stud Poker games..

Oasis Poker Professional Series game play

A game round of Netent Oasis Poker Pro starts with placing the Ante bet after which the player gets dealt 5 cards and the dealer 4 concealed cards and 1 face up. The player now has to decide (based on the own cards and the one of the dealer that was dealt ‘open’) which cards to hold and which cards to discard and replace in order to create (or enhance) a poker hand. However, replacing cards in the draw comes with a cost…

  • If 1 card of the 5 is replaced it costs 1 x the Ante bet;
  • If 2 cards of the 5 are replaced it costs 2 x the Ante bet;
  • If 3 cards of the 5 are replaced it costs 3 x the Ante bet;
  • If 4 cards of the 54 are replaced it costs 2 x the Ante bet;
  • If 5 (all) cards are replaced it costs 1 x the Ante bet.

After the player has chosen which cards to hold and which to discard and replace (and after a click on the middle button), the ‘draw’ takes place. Based on the poker hand the player now has (with the new cards from the draw) he or she must decide whether to place the Call bet or to fold (and as a consequence loose the Ante bet).

If the player places the Call bet the 4 face down cards of the dealer are disclosed, the both hands are compared and the game round winner is determined.

Of course it’s possible to not replace any of the initially dealt cards and immediately opt for placing the Call bet (or fold, for that matter). In case a player decides to draw all 5 cards it automatically means the Call bet is placed.

Oasis Poker Pro uses the same poker hand ranking as all other Netent poker table games (from High Card to Royal Flush) and the dealer is required to ‘qualify’ with at least an Ace and a King. So similar to the Netent Texas Hold’em Pro and Caribbean Stud poker games also Oasis Poker knows the following game round results:

  • Player wins and dealer qualifies: the player gets the Ante bet paid out 1:1 and the Call bet according to the pay table;
  • Player wins and dealer doesn’t qualify; the player only gets the Ante bet paid out 1:1;
  • Player and dealer have the same poker hands: it’s a ‘tie’ and the player gets to keep the bets placed (and thus wins nothing).
  • The player looses: all bets are lost.

If the player wins the poker hand and the dealer has qualified the Call bet is paid out according to the pay table which can be consulted by moving the cursor over the ‘Min. Max. bet’ display in the upper left hand corner of the play screen. Netent Oasis Poker Pro has an amazingly high RTP (= Return to Player) percentage of 99,27%.

Learn more about Netent Oasis Poker Professional Series!

Especially as Netent Oasis Poker Pro has the above described ‘complex’ game play it comes highly recommended to practice with the game before playing it for real money in a Netent Casino. On its game tutorial page on our website you can play Oasis Poker Professional Series for free and consult its game rules in detail.

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