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The Netent Poker Table Games part 7: Red Dog Progressive Poker

Published on by Adam

Netent table game Red Dog Progressive Poker exciting game of chanceThe last game we want to highlight in our series of articles about the on poker based Netent table games is Red Dog Progressive Poker. Netent Red Dog Progressive can be considered not so much a traditional poker game, but rather an exciting game of chance based on the former, demanding the player’s full attention and online casino gaming skills for potentially huge wins.

“Red Dog Poker or no Poker, that’s the…

…question”. Because as suggested in the intro of this article and although Red Dog Poker has various elements of the illustrious card game integrated in its game-play, it’s probably up to the individual player of the game to decide whether he or she is actually winning on a poker table game or on a betting table game. Whatever the answer on the question for any no-one-in-particular player personally might be, they will probably all harmoniously agree Red Dog remains one of the most exhilarating casino games to play in an online casino.

Games based on the principles that eventually would evolve into Red Dog poker as we play it today were probably already played from the moment mankind started to play card games. Under the name ‘In Between’ however the game became highly popular in the 19-th century, in the saloons of the ‘Wild West’ in the United States of America.

Under its current name Red Dog Poker in the 1930’s was added to the gaming options of the Vegas casinos to eventually in the internet-age become highly popular as an online ‘poker’ table game. Nowadays Netent Red Dog Progressive Poker can be played in most of the Netent Casinos also offering other Netent table games.

Netent Red Dog Progressive Poker game play

Normally Red Dog poker is as simple as a game can be, but Netent wouldn’t be the world’s leading casino gaming innovating company Net Entertainment, if it wouldn’t have managed to hook us up with a ‘simple’ casino game (the ‘Red Dog’ part), that has a pretty powerful progressive ‘punch’ to it (the ‘Progressive’ part).

A Red Dog Progressive Poker game round is played with a deck of 52 shuffled cards and starts with paying the Ante after which 2 cards are dealt face-up, and one face-down in the middle.

For the player to win, the face-down dealt card has to have a value that lies in between the values of the two face-up dealt cards of the hand. This means a Red Dog Poker game round, after the middle card is turned and its value is revealed, can have only the following three outcomes:

  • The value indeed does lie between the other two values or is exactly the same (forming a ‘Three of a Kind’): the player wins and gets paid according to the pay table;
  • The value doesn’t lie between the other two; the player looses all bets;
  • The face-up dealt cards have consecutive values (so no value ‘in between’ is possible): it’s a ‘push’, the player holds the bet and neither wins or loses.

The amount of values / cards that lie between the two face up cards is called a ‘spread’, for example a 9 and an Ace has a spread of 4, as 10, Jack, Queen and King lie in between. Depending on the spread in a game round (thus the chance the value of middle card lies in between those of the other two) the player is paid out if the game round is won (according to the spread pay table as depicted on the playscreen).

After the Ante bet is placed and the cards are dealt the player has to decide whether to ‘Raise’ (double) the Ante bet or to ‘Call’ (only bet the already placed Ante). In either case subsequently the middle card is revealed to determine the outcome of the game round.

The ‘Progressive’ feature of Netent Red Dog Poker consists of the possibility to bet a next game round with the sum of the winnings of the former. This means that although the maximum initial bet possible is € 100, by using the ‘progressive bet’ feature players still can play with high stakes (provided they keep winning of course).

Try also Netent table game Red Dog Progressive Poker for free!

Especially because of its ‘progressive bet’ feature it’s wise to take some time and try Netent Red Dog Progressive Poker for free on our website before playing the game with real money in a Netent Casino. The feature ‘is on’ automatically so the error of unwillingly betting the next game round with winnings from the former can be made easily. Luckily anyone can practice with Netent Red Dog Progressive Poker for free on our website to become fully prepared for the ‘real deal’ in a Netent Casino.

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