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The pleasant non-profit profile of Paf casino

Published on by Adam

Check out the 100% non-profit profile of Paf casinoIn the media casinos  often are, like in the movies Ocean’s Eleven and Casino, depicted as a rock-hard and ruthless money making business in which the people involved are Mafiosi or at least have ties with organized crime. This image of course is as far away from present day reality as the North pole is from Antarctica (although it’s still wise to only play in proven reliable Netent Casinos) as is shown by the 100% non-profit Paf casino that offers the Netent casino games to create a better world.

When thinking about it casino gaming doesn’t only exist simply because people like to win some money or goods by predicting the outcome of a game that can’t be influenced by anything or anyone and of which this outcome only is determined by fate and fortune. Because already very early in human history governing bodies would organize lotteries to fund a public work or the installation of something that would benefit the community. In fact in many countries the remains of this principle still can be found in the state owned and organized lotteries which serve as an extra source of income for those countries to finance all sorts of institutions for the common good.

Also at the Paf Netent Casino this principle forms the foundations on which the casino is built as at Paf all net profit of the casino is donated to charity organizations and NGOs. So if you play at Paf you can be sure you’re not only contributing to your own (financial) happiness, but also to the happiness of millions of other people, benefiting from the organizations Paf is donating to. And the fun part is that at Paf casino you’ve got the same chances to win (big) as at any other (non non-profit) casino. This is clearly proven by the world record Paf holds of being “the casino that paid out the biggest online jackpot ever” and also by the fact Paf already has made various lucky Paf players multimillionaire (that were playing, by the way, on one of the Netent jackpot casino games at Paf).

So at Paf you can game away with a clear conscience knowing that every dime you spend is well spent as multiple persons will benefit from it, starting of course with yourself having the pleasure of playing and collecting possible winnings.

To help Paf helping others you can find a direct link at the Paf casino review page in our Netent Online Casino Guide. Who knows your sense of “social responsibility” is rewarded immediately by winning the jackpot of video slot Hall of Gods and to thus become the next Paf casino multimillionaire.

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