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Top 7 slots to take you back in time

Published on by Adam

Top 7 slots to take you back in timeWhen we play at online casinos, we often don’t realize the extent of the technological achievements that have brought us to this point – the internet and computers truly are a wonder of innovation. But what if we want our games to transport us to the past?

Today we are talking about 7 video slots that take us back, way back, to times long before we could play games on tiny computers that fit in our pockets. These imaginative slots are based on historical times or events and bring a new dimension to online games.


The Roman Empire was a huge beast, stretching across the continents and introducing many inventions that we still use today. From concrete to cosmetics, the ancient Romans were way ahead of their time.

Victorious explores the military might of the empire, with symbols showing laurel wreaths, the golden standard of Rome and the fearless leaders who led the legions into battle.

Pacific Attack

Based on the naval battles of the Second World War, Pacific Attack will appeal to players who are mad about military history. Medal, mines, parachutes and pin-ups are the symbols on this slot, with a free spins and a bonus feature also available to get the adrenaline pumping harder.

Pyramid: Quest for Immortality

Travel back in time to the era of the ancient Egyptians with this sandy, bejewelled slot. The mighty civilization of the Egyptians in known for its monumental structures such as the Pyramids and the sculptures in the breath-taking Valley of the Kings. In Pyramid: Quest for Immortality, surround yourself with scarabs, ancient gods and long-gone rulers in this slot, which has a pyramidal shape that sets it apart from others.

Steam Tower

Not technically a slot about the past but this steampunk-inspired slot certainly has a vintage feel. Watch the plucky protagonist climb the tower as he tries to rescue the maiden, battle a gargantuan beast and save the day. You’ll find plenty of gears, top hats, cogs and other steampunk symbols in Steam Tower.

Big Bang

You can’t get any older than the very birth of the known universe and Big Bang is all about that giant explosion that brought it all into being. This space-themed slot is all about bursts of light, planets colliding and other entropic chaos that, by sheer luck alone, resulted in the creation of everything.


After the Big Bang – way after – came evolution. A long while after that came Evolution, the slot that celebrates the elegant, random and diverse million-year process. Splash into the primordial soup and encounter the critters that didn’t quite make it to the modern era – rodents with glowing whiskers and snails with fins are just two.

Pandora’s Box

We couldn’t very well include the Romans and leave out the Greeks, could we? Pandora’s Box is based on the Greek myth, wherein a maiden opened a sacred vessel, letting out all the evils of the world that were contained within. Luckily, there is no such risk with this slot, which focuses on Greek symbols like the lyre, the pithos, golden shields and bristled helmets.

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