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Top Prizes on Netent’s Pooled Jackpots Exceed €10 MILLION!

Published on by Adam

Top Prizes on Netent's Pooled Jackpots Exceed €10 MILLION!Netent offer a whole host of different jackpot games, one of which actually holds the Guinness World Record for the largest online casino payout ever (the aptly named Mega Fortune). These games regularly create millionaires of their players. Now, the total combined highest jackpot prizes have exceeded the insane €10 million mark!

What are ‘pooled’ jackpots?

A jackpot game is where a portion of your stake per spin, instead of going straight to the casino, goes into a prize pool. Most jackpot games have 3 (although newest jackpot Cosmic Fortune has 5!) of varying names but usually representing a ‘small’, ‘medium’ and ‘large’.

Local Jackpot

In a local jackpot game, only players on the same casino are feeding the jackpot pool. So if you’re playing on Betsson, you’re only feeding the Betsson jackpot pool, and only a Betsson player can win it. For this reason, local jackpots will be of different amounts on every casino. This is good because it means less people are playing the game, so you’ve more chance of winning, however it means the jackpot prizes are generally lower. If you’re into local jackpots like Tiki Wonders, Geisha Wonders, Icy Wonders, Cosmic Fortune, Super Lucky Frog, Mega Joker, Bonus Keno or Caribbean Stud Poker then you should check around at a few casinos that are offering them and see which holds the largest jackpot.

Pooled Jackpots

Pooled jackpots work in the same way, whereby a portion of your stake goes into the jackpot prize, however all players from all casinos money is being pooled. So whichever casino you’re playing on, you’re feeding the same jackpot. This means that there are a huge amount more players playing for the same prize, but the prize is going to be much much higher- we’re talking multi millions!

Total Exceeds €10 Million

All of the pooled jackpots- Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams, Arabian Nights and Hall of Gods- have 3 jackpot prize amounts to be won and overall the total of all prizes is much much higher than €10 million, but most people are playing for the biggie, so I totalled up the current largest jackpot from each game and it comes in over €10,810,000! The jackpots are going up literally every second, so unless someone has one, by the time you read this, it’ll be even higher, but at the time of writing the top jackpot prizes were as follows;

Mega Fortune: €4,520,677

Mega Fortune Dreams: €2,397,264

Arabian Nights: €1,663,210

Hall of Gods: €2,234,032

can you even imagine that kind of money?

These games are all terrifically exciting in their own right and hold loads of ways to win, even if you don’t hit the big jackpot. They each have two smaller (but by no means small!) jackpot prizes, plus loads and loads of bonus features, pay lines, Wilds, Scatters and other ways to boost your bankroll.

Anyone Can Win

The best of it is, you don’t have to be a big player, or spend a fortune in order to win. So many recent winners have only been playing with small stakes, or just playing through a small deposit when they were bored one day, only to find themselves winning millions and millions of euros out of the blue. Any time you’re not sure what to play, you’re looking for a new game, have some time or some pennies to kill, it’s absolutely worth giving the Netent pooled jackpots a spin and seeing if you can make some of that €10 million your own!

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