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Tornado Farm Escape Video Slot First Play & My Thoughts

Published on by Adam

Tornado Farm Escape Video Slot First Play & My Thoughts

As you can see from the helpful little widget on the left of our home page, Netent’s first (non exclusive) game of 2015 launches in just 6 days. Tornado Farm Escape will be added to Netent casinos far and wide on 22nd January but I was lucky enough to get to play this comical slot today in a sneak preview and thought I’d let you guys in on my opinions.

I like and enjoy most Netent video slots, but I have a small, core collection of my favourites and I can, with all honesty, say that Tornado Farm Escape will be making it’s way into my most played, go-to video slots. It’s just so much fun. The scenario is that a working, animal farm has been hit by strong winds- a tornado in fact- which has sucked in and flown around all the animals on the farm, from the little chickens to the big fat cows. But far from being scared of this flighty adventure, the animals are loving it and see it as a little holiday.

The reels are filled with packed suitcases and smiling creatures. They’re so colourful, so well designed and just so smiley that their happiness and excitement is infectious and I seriously found myself just grinning as I span the reels. Even the country style music in the background is upbeat and calming, making you feel totally chilled but happy. I love the ‘winning’ sound too- each time you win a spin, a solo guitar kicks in for a short beat of country to celebrate.

But that’s enough about the design, what about the features?

Storm Wilds

When a Storm Wild appears, it kicks up a full blown storm and flies around the reels, hitting symbols with lightening and turning them Wild too. It’s a fun and innovative new type of Wild and there is no denying that it’s fun to watch, but  you have to remember that how many Wilds there are doesn’t really matter, it’s where they’re placed that counts. You can have Wilds covering half the reels but if they’re not making up a winning pay-line, it doesn’t mean anything.

Tornado Farm Escape Video Slot First Play & My Thoughts

For me, it was a little disheartening to see so many Wilds on the reels and not get a single cent in winnings, but as long as you don’t get carried away and remember not to celebrate the Wilds until you see if they’re part of a pay-line then it’s really a nifty little feature.

Tornado Feature

The Tornado Feature was by far and away my favourite part of Tornado Farm Escape. This was much kinder to me than the Storm Wilds, so I could be a little biased, but it was a lot of fun and the potential for winning is huge. This occurs when two alternating Cloud Scatters appear on the reels. One blows left, one blows right and a tornado is created!

This feature is a lot like Free Spins, in that the reels spin, outside of the main game, for free. However unlike Free Spins, there isn’t a set amount of times that the reels will spin. What happens is a particular symbol is nominated- the suitcase for example- and the reels spin for free. If a suitcase appears, you collect it (and it’s coin value!) and the reels spin again. They’ll continue spinning as long as the nominated symbol appears, being collected each time. But the feature ends when there is no nominated item appearing.

Tornado Farm Escape Video Slot First Play & My Thoughts

It’s completely random, so this feature can go on just for one spin, or it can go on and on and on- as long as that symbol keeps appearing! The longer it goes on, the more symbols you collect and the higher your winnings will be.

All in all, Tornado Farm Escape is a really feel good game, packed with fun features meaning this is set to become the favourite video slot of many big Netent fans!

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