Ukash merges with Paysafecard: what are the consequences?

Published on 4 July 2015 by Sebas

Ukash merges with PaysafecardA few weeks ago finally happened what was actually initiated in November of 2014: Ukash and Paysafecard have merged to become only Paysafecard. What does this mean for the thousands of players that used the Ukash online payment method?

Paysafecard, Ukash or… Skrill?

To explain the relation between the online payment methods Paysafecard, Ukash and Skrill first some (historical) background info needs to be provided…

Paysafecard is an Austria based online payment service founded in 2000 (in Vienna) which allows customers to buy a PIN code (at one of the 450.000 ‘points of sale’) with cash money and which code can be used to purchase products or services online. Since 2013 Paysafecard is controlled and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Ukash is a UK based online payment service founded in 2005 and its functionality is virtually the same as the Paysafecard method: customers buy a PIN code in one of the thousands of outlets after which this PIN-code can be used to purchase goods and services online at thousands of web-merchants, web-shops and, of course, hundreds of online casinos. Also Ukash (since its launch) is regulated by the renowned UK FCA.

Skrill is an e-wallet to which a bank account, credit- or debit card is connected and from which funds can be uploaded to the Skrill account. Subsequently online payments can be made with the Skrill wallet without actually revealing any ‘sensitive’ personal or financial data to the receiver of the payment. In that sense Skrill acts like a ‘buffer’ between a customer and a web-merchant.

Already in 2013 Skrill purchased Paysafecard after which in 2014 Ukash followed. And as Ukash and Paysafecard are practically the same online payment services (converting pre-paid cash money into an online usable code) it was only a matter of time until Skrill would decide to merge the two methods which operation was eventually carried out in the first quarter of this year 2015.

No more Ukash, only Paysafecard

The direct consequence of Paysafecard merging with Ukash is the latter has ceased to exist and as of the 31-st of May 2015 no new Ukash ‘vouchers’ or codes are sold anymore. However, as Ukash was sold in about 55 countries (and of which not all at the same time also had Paysafecard available) the actual ‘discontinuing’ process of Ukash might differ from country to country.

For the correct information about the status of your specific Ukash codes we therefore strongly advise you to visit the Ukash website of your country of residence to find out until when Ukash PIN-codes are still sold in your region and until when the codes still can be used.

What you should know about Ukash right now

The below information / tips should be valid for most countries (and at least is applied for Brazil and Russia):

  • Ukash is discontinued as from the 31-st of May 2015;
  • Already purchased Ukash codes can be used until the 31-st of October 2015 (and of which Ukash kindly asks clients to use these codes before this date);
  • For already purchased Ukash codes that won’t be used before the 31-st of October of this year a refund can be requested (not available in all countries, due to Central Reserve Bank restrictions). Visit the Ukash website of your country and look for a special ‘Consumer Refund Application Form’ usually available in the ‘FAQ’ section of the site;
  • Holders of the Ukash MasterCard will be individually informed about the status of this pre-paid ‘debit’ card.

Find out more on the Ukash website

As stated above at this moment we can only inform you about details of the merger as they are applied to Ukash codes in Brazil and Russia. It’s for example very well possible that in countries were also Paysafecard codes could be bought any Ukash codes will be transformed in Paysafecard vouchers. Again, for the complete specifications about the Ukash / Paysafecard merger please visit the Ukash website to which you’ll find a link on the Ukash payment page on our Netent fansite.


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