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Unibet gives € 900 real money for a friendly favor

Published on by Adam

Unibet gives up to € 900 for 30 of your contacts“Friendship can’t be bought” is a well-put and true saying all around the world. But to appreciate your friends and show them how much their friendship really means to you it won’t hurt if once in a while you’ll treat them on a little surprise present. Unibet casino gives you the opportunity to make such a friendly gesture to your comrades and at this versatile Netent Casino you can even make up to € 900 in pure cash with it.

Once upon a time the ordinary citizen on average had 3 real friends and also the old man of yours truly used to proclaim: “Son, in this life your friends can be counted on one hand”, and as a joke he used to raise his right hand of which 3 fingers were missing because of an accident at the saw mill he once was working.

However, with the appearance of websites and services like Facebook and LinkedIn in our lives, nowadays the average internet user can count on tens, hundreds even thousands of declared buddies, of which most are only known in a virtual context and in real life never have been shaken the hand, let alone have been kissed on the cheek.

At Unibet this enormous stock of online acquaintances could come in handy and it could even provide you with the considerable sum of € 900 in hard cash. Because for every pal you make a registered Unibet player, the casino will give you no less than € 30 in real cash money on your casino account with which you can do whatever you like (withdraw, play… whatever).

And as you can refer a maximum of 30 of your well-wishers to Unibet the calculations are quickly made: 30 amigos x € 30 = € 900.

To refer your mates to Unibet you need to visit the Unibet website to find under the “Promotions” tab the Unibet “Refer a Friend Program”. Follow the instructions and read the terms and conditions carefully after which you can start to do your friends a favor by introducing them to the wonderful world of Unibet casino gaming on the exciting Netent casino games they offer.

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