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Video slot Stickers heralds end ‘flash’ gaming? (part 1)

Published on by Adam

stickers_182x130_newgame1Yesterday I published an article over here about my first game play on the upcoming new Netent video slot Stickers. At the end of that article I mentioned a particular aspect of this video slot that still needed to be highlighted… So here we are…

‘Flash’ casino games… an introduction…

When we write about online gaming we often use the term ‘flash’ casino games to refer to online games that use the Adobe Flash Player platform or plug-in.

This ‘flash player’ (basically an additional piece of software that needs to be installed on the PC) allows the games ‘to do what they have to do’: be interactive, show animations, keep live media streaming and, in our case most important, keep ‘the reels reeling, dealers dealing and the roulette wheel wheeling’. Without the flash player plug-in no ‘flash’ casino game would work.

Disadvantages of flash gaming technology

Besides the disadvantage of having to install its software on a PC or device to be able to use or experience flash powered applications on websites the Flash Player technology itself is getting more and more out-of-date and is less and less compatible with modern day browsers and operating systems.

For example, flash technology already doesn’t (and apparently never will) run on any of the (Apple) iOS operated devices such as iPads or iPhones. And Adobe (as the owner of the Flash Player software) has recently announced it will stop to develop updates of their player which are compatible with devices that run on the latest (or future) version of the Android platform. This, while the iOS and Android platforms of course are the two operating systems currently dominating the mobile market, being used by millions of people on mobile devices all over the world.

So consequently casino game developing companies, under which Net Entertainment, have been looking for another, more versatile technology to build their games on which comes in the form of HTML5.

What’s HTML5?

HTML5 is the follow-up of the HTML 4.01 ‘Hyper Text Mark-up Language’, the ‘stuff’ everything on the World Wide Web is made of. It’s the substructure code that determines how websites look like and what they (can) do. It’s sort of a worldwide agreed ‘language’ that website designers and internet application developers all ‘speak’ (and understand) to make sure the internet, websites and web pages (technically) don’t become a complete ‘confusion of tongues’.

The development of HTML5 as the latest version of the language (like a ‘dictionary’ that urgently needs to be updated and expanded with new ‘idiom’) started already in 2004 and was officially finished in 2014. HTML5 is not only designed to improve some aspects of the former HTML standards, but specifically to resolve the compatibility issues as mentioned above and establish the reduction of external plug-ins needed to run certain web applications (like Flash Player is needed to play ‘flash’ casino games) as much as possible.

At this moment HTML5 is accepted by practically everybody as the standard language to structure internet-content by, and is widely considered to be the web- game- and application development ‘tool’ of the future. And that’s what wasn’t ‘highlighted’ in my former article about upcoming new video slot Stickers: the game isn’t a ‘flash’ powered casino game but it’s developed and produced as a HTML5 based video slot.

Ok, Netent video slot Stickers fully explained… what’s next?

Well, a lot more actually… Because know you know what HTML5 more or less is and that video slot Stickers is based on its technology it’s interesting to also know ‘why’ exactly Net Entertainment has decided to develop the slot as an HTML5 game and, even more important, what it means for us, as devoted fans of the exciting Netent (formerly uniquely dubbed as ‘flash’) casino games .

The answers to these questions and more information about the HTML5 ‘movement’, Netent HTML5 casino games and the ‘epic battle’ between Flash and HTML5 gaming will be provided in a next article, part 2, due to be published over here tomorrow.

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