Video slot Stickers heralds end ‘flash’ gaming? (part 2)

Published on 10 May 2015 by Sebas

HTML vs Flash After reporting about the opportunity I had to ‘preview play’ upcoming Netent video slot Stickers, yesterday I reported about the fact this game isn’t a ‘flash’ casino game but based on the newest game development technology HTML5…

Yesterday I explained in my article about what’s ‘flash’ casino gaming, what’s HTML5 technology and about the fact video slot Stickers is developed by Net Entertainment with the latter web development ‘tool’ (making the slot not a ‘flash’ casino game but a ‘HTML5’ casino game, playable on both desktop PCs as well as mobile iOS, Android and Windows operated devices). Today we have a closer look at the subject, because maybe some of you are thinking…:

Ok, video slot Stickers is a HTML5 game… so what…?

Well, maybe at first sight… not a lot… Because for starters video slot Stickers isn’t the first Netent product that uses HTML5 as the game’s underlying structure. All Netent Touch mobile playable Netent games for example are all already built with HTML5 technology.(of course to make sure these games actually work on iOS and Android operated mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones). And what’s more, video slot Stickers isn’t even the ‘first ever’ HTML5 based Netent ‘desktop’ video slot either, because this honor goes to video slot The Invisible Man, released by Netent in December of last year.

But as it happens not only video slot Stickers is a HTML5 game (still to be released coming month, on the 21-st of May, to be exact) but also the latest launched Netent casino table game Blackjack 3 Hands is HTML5 based. And given this remarkable fact (the two latest released Netent casino games being HTML5 games) … could it be Netent starting from now on will only use the HTML5 technology as ‘the backbone’ of their future games (in both their desktop- as well as their Netent Touch ‘mobile’ version)? Was video slot Dracula really the latest ‘flash’ casino game to ever leave the Netent video slot ‘factory’?

Probably yes … and here’s (probably) why…

The answer to the latter question is, probably “yes”, because although Flash and HTML5 technology in many ways are similar, still HTML5 provides for the following advantages:

  • With HTML5 games there’s no need to download and install additional (third-party) ‘players’ or plug-ins for the games to be functioning correctly;
  • HTML5 is compatible with more web browsers and operating systems than Flash technology, so more players on a wider range of (mobile) devices can enjoy the Netent games;
  • As a ‘tool’ for game developers HTML5 offers more possibilities in terms of graphic design, the use of media and sound effects (allowing them to equip the games with even more innovative features).

Besides the above the most important reason for Net Entertainment to switch to HTML5 is (probably) that a HTML5 game can be played on ANY device that supports HTML5 technology, both mobile AND desktop. So there’s no need for Netent to develop both a flash (desktop) version of a new game as well as the HTML5 powered (Netent Touch) version for the mobile casinos.

Ok, so more HTML5 soon to come from Netent?

Yes, the conclusion of the above (although still mere speculation) must be its highly likely Netent has set a trend and more upcoming new Netent casino games (if not all) are released as ‘powered by HTML5’. What’s upcoming also is the last article about the apparent ‘game technology’ switch Netent has made with video slot Stickers, in which we (last but not least) analyze what HTML5 means for the Netent games and us as players of those games. Stay tuned!


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