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Video slot Stickers heralds end ‘flash’ gaming? (part 3)

Published on by Adam

Learn more about why Netent used HTML5 technology for video slot StickersTriggered by Netent video slot Stickers released a month ago, we’ve been dedicating 2 articles to the HTML5 technology it’s built with. In today’s last article about HTML5 we look at what it can do, for fanatic Netent games players…

…like me and you…


In the former articles we explained what’s the difference between by ‘flash’ technology powered casino games and games based on HTML5 technology, what their respective advantages and disadvantages are for online casino gaming and why it’s very likely Net Entertainment will make more use of HTML5 to produce new games (if not making it the preferred or even standard technology). A lot of info, mainly as ‘technical’ as therefore ‘dry’, which probably has made most of you eventually think and wonder…

Ok, I get it… HTML5 ‘rocks’… But what’s ‘in it’ for us players?

Again, maybe at a first glance… not a lot… Because using the HTML5 technology to develop Netent games is rather a ‘technical’ innovation and of course the game play of Netent HTML5 casino games, as well as their design, functionality and theoretical ‘return-to-player’ pay out percentages remain of the same quality and ‘standards’ we experience while playing ‘flash’ Netent casino games (being of course ‘the highest’).

As it is however, there are some (minor) features of the 3 Netent desktop HTML5 games they seem to have in common and therefore might be considered typical for this new ‘line’ of games.

  • Both video slot The Invisible Man as well as video slot Stickers has a counter attached to the ‘AUTO’ (play) button on the left hand side of the lower menu bar. So as soon as you use Autoplay’ the counter (by default) shows how many autoplay rounds still are left;
  • The game rules of all Netent HTML5 casino games (so also those of table game Blackjack 3 Hands) are displayed ‘in-game’ which means not by a separate pop-up window as usually in Netent flash casino games.

Apart from these similarities between the HTML5 games in which they visibly differ from regular flash casino games everything else about them seems to be ‘business as usual’. As a matter of fact, I’m convinced only because you now know video slot Stickers is a HTML5 game (because you’ve learned it over here) you can tell your friends you’ve played one after we’ve added the Netent Stickers video slot free play version to our website on coming May the 21-st.

A ‘small’ HTML5 ‘step’ becomes a ‘giant’ Netent ‘leap’?

Video slot Stickers, although with a cheerfully colored design, high-spirited background game tune, exhilarating ‘catchy’ game play and highly profitable special game features) can hardly be called a ‘platinum’ Netent casino gaming ‘flag ship’ product (like, for example a game like video slot Aliens). And perhaps the fact the game might be ‘the very first ever HTML5 Netent video slot in a never ending sequence of only Netent HTML5 video slot releases’ in the end actually is its greatest feature.

However, a ‘small’ HTML5 ‘step’ made by Netent now, could very well very quickly become a ‘giant’ innovative iGaming ‘leap’ in the very near future. And not even because of the possibilities the new HTML5 technology offers for online game developers, but above all because of what Netent game developers in particular can do with those possibilities.

Because it’s likely the true benefits of HTML5 games for us players come in the form of Netent producing (ever) ‘Better Games’ providing for (ever) ‘Better Gaming’ experiences and of which the first new sample we can get will be with the release of video slot Stickers on the 3-rd Thursday of next month.

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