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Published on by Adam

Soon exclusive Netent Casino bonuses in our guideEvery day it’s getting harder and harder to inform our readers about the casino bonuses, promotions and Free Spin actions the Netent Casinos on a regular basis organize  for their players. That’s because nowadays a lot of online casinos that provide the Netent casino games set out their promotional actions with restrictions such as “Only valid for the recipient of this newsletter” or “Only valid for blond, blue-eyed recipients of this e-mail born, raised and residing in Timbuktu”.

Unfortunately nowadays the Netent Casinos tend to send their promotions to only a part of the total of registered players at their wagering institutions. For example, if you haven’t visited a Netent Casino for some time at which you’ve registered yourself a while ago, chances are you’ll receive an e-mail stating one of the phrases as mentioned in the introduction of this article. The Netent Casino in that case only has sent an e-mail to those players who were absent for a while, so the promotion mentioned in the e-mail will only be valid for “the recipients of…”.

Another common restriction is by the region (IP address) a player is from. So where a Swedish player can benefit from a welcome bonus of only € 100 in bonus, Mr. Jones from Timbuktu will get € 500 in bonus money if he registers at any given Netent Casino.

This makes it kind of hard for yours truly to inform “the general (Netent casino games loving) public” on promotions that can be profited from by all Netent Casino players, which, of course, is our ultimate goal. It has already happened we wrote a nice article about some fantastic Netent Casino promotion to eventually find out the bonus could only be claimed by Mr. Jones (who has blond hair, blue eyes and is born, raised and residing on number 10 at M. Thatcher street in Timbuktu).

The solution is very simple, although not effortless…

In the near future we will make agreements with several of the renowned and reliable Netent Casinos we display in our guide to organize special bonuses, promotions, Free Spin actions and casino tournaments ONLY for players that are members of the Netent Online Casino Guide community (for example by exclusive “bonus codes”). In that way we know exactly what we’re writing about, there’ll be no more confusion on “who can and who can’t” and most important of all you know exactly what to get where, when and how. Play safe and stay tuned!

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