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Welcome to the wonderful world of wacky Netent Wilds! (part 1)

Published on by Adam

Did you know Netent video slots and Wilds are inseparable?Scatter symbols activate Free Spins, Bonus symbols trigger, obviously, some sort of a Bonus Game. But probably the most used of all ‘special game features’ available in Netent video slot games are without a doubt the ‘good old’ Wild symbols.

Video slot special game features: the ‘icing’ on the Netent ‘cakes’

Free Spins (the ones you can win while playing on a video slot, not the ‘casino bonus’ Free Spins) are a very popular feature among the fans of Netent video slot gaming. You get a bunch of game rounds granted completely free of charge (normally activated by so-called ‘Scatter’ symbols) and those ‘costless’ spins could lead you  to ‘priceless’ wins (possibly with help from an additional ‘Free Spin mode’ feature such as ‘multipliers’).

A Bonus Game as a ‘special game feature’ in a Netent video slot is probably as popular as a Free Spins mode, as typically also a Bonus Game can provide players with (extra) winnings without having to wager anything. And in some Netent video slots even the ultimate goal is to get to their Bonus Game as the feature can reward you to the game’s ‘ultimate’ pay out… a millionaire making (and thus ‘life-changing’) Netent jackpot win.

But despite Free Spins and Bonus Games being often regarded as ‘the icing on the cake’ of a Netent video slot, none of the two ‘extra win opportunities’ are as frequently used as a special video slot ‘characteristic’ as Wild symbols.

“Wild thing, you make my heart sing”

At this moment of writing ALL of the Netent video slots have Wild symbols to ‘spice’ their game play with, and the feature even can be found in another ‘category’ of Netent online gaming options: the Netent video poker games.

So at this very same moment millions of players are watching Wild symbols generate winnings on the Netent game they’re playing, which subsequently could make you wonder (as at least I do): “What’s (in the end) more profitable: a big (but rare) Free Spin win, a big (but even rarer) Bonus Game (jackpot) win or the millions of wins (maybe smaller, but more frequently occurring) generated by Wild symbols on millions of Netent video slots all around the world?”.

Whatever the answer to the latter question might be… Wilds in Netent video slots are here, and they are here to stay. As a matter of fact, although a ‘jackpot’ already existed in the earliest slot machines, Free Spins and Bonus Games are relatively recent (video) slot phenomena, directly linked to the technological advances of a certain epoch influencing the ongoing development of slot machines. While the history of the Wild and its original function in games dates back much further, all the way to the time no one could even imagine one day slot machines would be invented.

Welcome to the wonderful world of wacky (Netent) Wilds!

Normally after the above I would start a new paragraph over here, titled something like: “What are Wilds exactly?” after which of course you could read (and learn) everything you need to know about its ‘ins- and outs’. And for sure in the same paragraph you would find the following ‘catch-phrase’ definition:

“Wild symbols substitute for other symbols to either form or better the highest winning combinations”

The problem with Wild symbols however is that nowadays their form and functionality in games is ‘versatile’ to such an extent (especially when it comes to Wilds in Netent games), the former definition in essence might be true for virtually all Wild symbols, but in many cases its only ‘half of the story told’. Besides ‘substituting for other symbols’ in some games Wilds also have other ‘special game feature’ functions. And there’s even a Wild that can net a player that so highly anticipated multi-million Netent video slot jackpot win!

Netent video slots and Wild symbols: a love story… (to be told)

So it’s clear there’s not just ‘something going on’ between Netent video slots and Wild symbols… they’re at least ‘in love’ and maybe could even be considered ‘married’ (the first ‘single’ video slot, thus without any Wilds, has yet to be released by Net Entertainment).

Either way it’s a ‘love story’ worth to be told, so during the next couple of days you‘ll find several articles about Netent Wilds over here: about their history, their functions, their behavior and the many forms in which they come. So pay a daily visit to our ‘Leading Netent Fansite’ to not miss out on this essential info.

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