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What are Jackpot games?

What are Jackpot games?

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An online casino can have an amazing, user-friendly website on offer, with a great selection of games and regular, lucrative promotions. Yet, the true icing on an online-casino cake is a fun game with a massive jackpot. Both online players and casinos are aware of this so jackpots at online casino tend to get bigger and bigger.

What is a Jackpot?

In principle, a jackpot is a money pool at that can be won at a certain game. Back in the days before online casinos, players used to be over the moon with a jackpot worth the modern day equivalent of €10.000 or €20.000. This amount as a cash prize will still delight players of course, but no one is truly impressed by a jackpot of an amount smaller than 6 figures.

Jackpot games come in different shapes and sizes. Our favourite jackpot games are – of course- the Netent games with pooled and local jackpots. A pooled jackpot game is a game that can be played by several online casinos- a network. Every time a player places a bet on a certain jackpot game, from whichever casino, a percentage of his or her bet being placed in the money pool. Because a pooled jackpot game is available across a network of online casinos, many players are participating and are therefore contributing to an ever-growing money pool. When the jackpot is won at a pooled jackpot game it is won across all casinos where the particular game is available.

A local jackpot game is, like a pooled jackpot game- available at several casinos, yet the difference is that the money pool of a local jackpot game at a particular casino is only being fed by players of that particular casino. This means tfewerless players are contributing to the money pool and this money pool is therefore smaller in size. And because every casino where you can play the local jackpot game, has its own money pool for the game, whenever it’s wan, you can still play for the jackpot of the same game at an online casino.

Most jackpot games are considered progressive jackpots. This means that if the jackpot is not one, it keeps on growing.

NetEnt’s Jackpot Games

Netent currently have the following jackpot games:

Pooled Jackpot Games

Local Network Games:

You can play the NetEnt jackpot games at a variety of online casinos.

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