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What do Devilfish, Triple P, The Pink Lady and have in common?

Published on by Adam

Is Devilfish still a Netent Casino?Besides no answer to the question, most people won’t even know what the question is about in the first place. Because what’s Netent of course everybody knows: the world’s leading casino software developing company. And that Devilfish is an online casino that used to use the software of Netent and used to offer almost all the Netent casino games should be general knowledge too. But what’s Triple P and who in the world is The Pink Lady? And what do they all have in common?

Well, the first thing they have in common is that they all have to do with gaming. Because Devilfish Casino is owned by and named after one of the most famous poker players in the world, Dave “Devilfish” Ulliot. This illustrious Englishman has worked his way up from being a safe-cracking criminal in his younger days, to one of the most successful tournament poker players around.

And poker is the second thing in common, because Triple P is the nickname of another big poker player, the French pharmacist Pascal “Triple P” Perrault (in which the third P stands for his second nickname “Poison”, referring to his background as a pharmacist).

Now, The Pink Lady, you’ve guessed it, is the nickname of yet another professional poker player who goes by the real name of Lise Vigezzi, and she is the girlfriend of Triple P.

But what do those three have in common besides all being a poker player and how are they linked to The answer is… by me.

Because 2 weeks ago I met with Triple P. and The Pink Lady in a tiny little Brazilian fisherman village, and while discussing gaming and casino business they told me, as colleague professional poker players who have met him on several poker tournaments, they know Devilfish personally. And I of course have to write once in a while about Devilfish, that is, about his online casino.

So suddenly the big world became very small in the smallest middle-of-nowhere village on the Brazilian North-East coast, and in a strange and funny way different lives and occupations were connected to each other.

Triple P invited me to visit his farm one of these days and we’ve been eating twice already in the restaurant, annex (strictly fun play) poker room of Lise. Next year my daughter will be going to school with Vegas, the daughter of Pascal and Lise and hopefully I can pick up some tricks and strategies to better my poker game.

Meanwhile, the future of Devilfish casino on unfortunately has become uncertain. Because while they’re online again (after being offline for over a week to move their players database and funds to another network) they seem to have stopped to offer the Netent casino games. And if this is permanent, the casino loses its right to call itself “Netent Casino” and therefore the right to be in our Netent Online Casino Guide.

At this moment we’re in contact with the casino to see if they still will offer Netent games and until we have a definitive answer (but what’s “definitive” when dealing with a guy like Devilfish; he could be bluffing…) the link to their site won’t work. As soon as this matter is clarified we’ll let you know and let’s hope their site is still “under construction” and untill then you’ll have to choose another Netent Casino to play your favorite Netent casino games.


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