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What is a casino loyalty program?

What is a casino loyalty program?

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With so much competition in the online casino industry, operators have to get creative to make sure their new players become repeat players. This is where loyalty programs come in, offering players incentives to keep playing and earning more points.

What is a loyalty program?

Once you start playing with real money – i.e. you have played through your welcome bonus – you qualify to participate in your online casino’s loyalty program. You can be automatically enrolled in the program or will receive an invitation from the casino to sign up.

These loyalty clubs or programs work much like the ‘frequent flier’ programs employed by airlines. At an online casino, you will receive points (or whatever the casino chooses to call this on-site currency) for every euro, dollar or pound you spend. Once you have collected a specific amount of points, you can exchange them.

Casinos offer players different rewards. Some will allow you to exchange your points for bonus cash. Others will trade you your points for free spins or other perks. Casinos have begun to get creative with what they offer players in return for loyalty points but the most common option is still bonus cash.

Casinos will also set their own ‘exchange rates’. One casino might give you €1 in exchange for 100 points. Another might exchange 200 points for €1. Some games contribute more towards your point total than others. A classic example – slots will often contribute 100% while table games will contribute less. It is important to read the fine print when it comes to loyalty programs, to avoid disappointment. Casinos that offer loyalty programs often have a page dedicated to explaining everything there is to know about the points system and exchange rate.

Why should I sign up?

If you are a casino player, joining the loyalty club should be a no-brainer. Not only do you get the fun and thrill of using real money to play, as you normally would at an online casino, but you are also rewarded at the same time. There is no extra effort required from your end and if you are a regular player, the rewards will quickly start to look very attractive.

Of course, you are free to abstain from participation in the loyalty program by simply letting your accumulated loyalty points sit in your account. We really can’t think of any reason you would want to do that though. If you are a casino ‘frequent flier’, there is no risk involved and plenty of benefits.

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