Will FullTilt Poker and PokerStars ever become NetEnt Casinos?

Published on 2 June 2015 by Sebas

PokerStars and FullTilt Poker aren't NetEnt Casinos yet... Why not?After having signed a ‘license agreement’ with NetEnt in 2014, this year FullTilt Poker as well as PokerStars have added NetEnt video slots to their respective websites. Will these two poker gaming providers soon become fully fledged NetEnt Casinos too?

The agreement was signed back in April of last year with the Rational Group, the company that owns and manages both websites and which enterprise is currently the largest online poker provider in the world. And although by now both PokerStars as well as FullTilt Poker actually have added (a few) NetEnt video slots to their casino gaming section still they haven’t been included in our ever growing list of safe and reliable NetEnt Casinos. Will the (evidently) still mainly on poker playing focused online ‘casinos’ receive an entry in our ‘Leading NetEnt Fansite’ any time soon?

Some background info about FullTilt Poker and PokerStars

To answer that question we need to explain a little bit more about the origins and current ‘situation’ of the two poker rooms…

The two online poker providing platforms started out (PokerStars in 2001 and FullTilt Poker in 2004) as competitors during the ‘online poker boom’ of the late 20-th and early 21-st century. They both quickly rose to fame, resulting in both websites always (and up until today) ending up in the ‘Top 10’ of lists ranking the ‘biggest’ online poker websites. At some point both companies were acquired by the Rational Group which in its turn was taken over in 2014 by the Canadian gambling technology providing company Amaya Inc. (formerly known as the Amaya Gaming Group).

Adding new online gaming options…

However, ‘poker is poker’ (and ‘just’ poker) and nowadays the ‘trick’ in the iGaming business is to ‘diversify’ as much as possible (to thus attract a more varied and potentially much larger group of online gamers). So Amaya Inc. almost immediately after the purchase of the Rational Group in the summer of 2014 announced it would continue to add both an online casino gaming section to the two poker websites as well as a sportsbook. ‘Continue’, because apparently Rational already had visualized such a ‘future’ for its two premium poker platforms, as only a couple of months before its take-over by Amaya the company had signed the license agreement deal with Net Entertainment.

Eventually in February of this year the first ‘batch’ of NetEnt video slots was added to the FullTilt Poker Casino section, consisting of only 10 of the most popular NetEnt slots like video slot Fruit Case, video slot Jack Hammer, video slot Twin Spin and of course ‘flag-ship’ products like video slot Gonzo’s Quest and video slot Starburst. Last month also PokerStars followed which made us taking the first steps to include both websites as ‘fully fledged’ NetEnt Casinos on our website too.

The ‘problem’ with PokerStars and FullTilt Poker

However, for an online gaming provider or online casino to appear on our website the operator has to meet 2 basic conditions:

  • The provider / casino needs to comply to our ‘standards of quality’ regarding such relevant matters as their gaming license, payment methods, customer service, policy on casino bonuses and promotions and, of course, the nature and amount of NetEnt games available;
  • The provider / casino needs to agree with having an entry as a safe and reliable NetEnt Casino on our Leading NetEnt Fansite.

There’s no doubt both FullTilt Poker and PokerStars, as being leading online poker providers, meet our ‘demands’ when it comes to the first conditions, apart maybe from the fact their poker gaming software needs to be downloaded (at registration as a player) to have access to their casino section. But besides this all other aspects are as we like to see it: properly licensed, safe, reliable, efficient, client-friendly and generous.

However, we haven’t managed to ‘come to terms’ with the Rational Group / Amaya Inc. on the second requirement yet, as the company is still ‘rolling out’ its casino section (and its sportsbook) on their two poker room websites and therefore probably only on a later date will apply to become a fully fledged NetEnt Casino and added as such on our fansite.

Not now doesn’t mean ‘never’…

We actually really would like to see FullTilt Poker and PokerStars added to our list of NetEnt Casinos, simply because they are ‘top of the bill’ in the online poker gaming business. So as soon the Rational Group lets us know it’s ‘ready’ (and, by that time, probably also will have added a lot more NetEnt games to their casino sections) both FullTilt Poker and PokerStars will be granted the status of ‘NetEnt Casino’.

Until that ‘joyful’ day (and if you really want to vary already between NetEnt casino games and online poker playing without ever leaving the same site) we advise you to have a look at NetEnt Casinos like BuzzPoker and / or EliosPoker which both (‘what’s in a name?’) are focused on poker, while they also have a reasonable amount of NetEnt games on offer. Enjoy!


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