Winning without wagering? Only with a Netent Casino welcome bonus!

Published on 4 March 2013 by Casino Admin

Win without wagering with the Netent Casino welcome bonuses The essence of casino gaming is that you put something in, called the wager, to get something (preferably more) out, called the win. Every time you place a bet on a (Netent) casino game you can play even, win or lose and the tension and suspense that goes with this, the risk, also makes part of the essence of casino gaming. But at the Netent Casinos you can encounter situations in which you can win without wagering or risking a single penny and that phenomenon is called a Netent Casino welcome bonus.

The welcome bonuses for new players really are a strange phenomenon. As a new player you go to an online Netent Casino and immediately they already inform you you can win something without betting a single dime or taking a risk. Of course it’s not completely effortless to get a hold of these gains because you’ll have to register yourself as a player and you’ll have to make a first deposit to your newly opened account. But as you’re dealing with a safe and reliable Netent Casino this can hardly be called a wager or a risk.

When you’re done opening your account and you’ve made your first deposit the casino will give you, completely free of charge, a percentage over that deposit, usually 100% and up to a certain maximum of bonus money, never less than € 100 and in some casinos even up to € 500.

At that point you still haven’t wagered anything, in fact you haven’t even opened a Netent casino game in the casino of your choice yet, but at the same time you’re already your free bonusmoney richer which can become more once you’ve started playing the exciting Netent games the casino is offering.

So that’s why without taking any risks at the Netent Casinos you’ll still be winning and now you’re a registered player this will only increase as you can profit from all other casino actions the Netent Casinos organize on a regular basis like weekly or monthly reload bonuses, Free Spin actions, cash-back and top-up promotions etc.

In order to  benefit the most you should take a look on our list of reliable Netent Casinos, register yourself in as many as possible, collect all of their welcome and other casino bonuses and be a winning player without having wagered a single dime or having played a single Netent casino game.


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