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Casinos have been touting the same types of bonuses for years, so when a new type comes along it's always very intriguing finding out what sets it apart from all the others. No-wagering bonuses, also known as wager-free bonuses, are one such bonus currently growing in popularity. We can understand why, because they allow players to avoid annoying wagering-requirements and just scoop up their winnings right away! Check out our top no-wagering casinos and bonuses below:

Claim a bonus without worrying about huge wagering requirements.

Best Casinos Offering No Wagering Bonuses

We love No Wagering Bonuses, why? Because our readers love them. We’re, therefore, dedicated to featuring as many as possible and showcasing ever online casino without wagering requirements.

Despite our good intentions though, no-wager bonuses are still rather rare – so, we’re limited by what’s out there.. or what’s not out there. Keep checking back and join us for our no wagering requirements casino quest to find the best offers out there and update our list of them below:

What Kinds Of Bonuses Are There At No Wagering Casinos?

The no wagering requirements phenomenon is growing, but what bonuses, such as a sign up bonus, can you actually get at no wagering casinos – sites with no wagering requirements?


Free Spins

Many of the no wagering promotions that you will get will be free spins. Sometimes these are called ‘no wagering no deposit free spins’ and sometimes  ‘zero wagering free spins’, either way, they come with absolutely no wagering requirements on them.

Be aware, you will usually only get no-wagering free spins once you’ve made a deposit into the casino. Often these will be part of a welcome package, but they can also be integrated into other promotions like VIP schemes, or daily perks.


Deposit Bonuses

In addition to no wagering free spins, you can also get no wagering deposit bonuses. These could be your first deposit, in which case it would be a no wagering first-deposit bonus, or it could be your second or third deposit, in which case it would a no wagering reload bonus.


Wagering Bonuses

No wagering casinos don’t all just do no wagering bonuses. Conversely, normal casinos don’t just do promotions with wagering requirements. Every so often they’ll include a no wagering promotion. So, in addition to the no wagering bonuses that you can expect to find at no wagering casinos, you can also expect, broadly speaking, to find plenty of normal promotions too.

What’s A Wagering Requirement?

New no wagering bonuses

It’s probably best for us to get clear on exactly what a wagering requirement is and how they work. If we’re going to be looking at bonuses that don’t include wagering requirements, then we need to know what these things are that such bonuses don’t include.

Wagering requirements put simply, are a condition placed upon the bonus or free spins given to you by a casino, requiring you to wager a specific sum of money in order for you to receive the winnings from those spins or bonus.

The specific amount of money that must be wagered is normally a multiple of the bonus amount or the sum of the bonus amount and the deposit that you paid to activate the bonus.

When it comes to free spins, the wagering requirements are typically a multiple of the winnings made from those spins.

If you fail to satisfy the wagering requirements on a promotion, then you’ll not be able to withdraw the potential winnings that you’ve managed to make from it.

For example, if you’ve managed to win £100 from a bonus, but you haven’t yet wagered the multiple of the bonus amount, then that £100 will either expire or never leave your ‘bonus wallet’ in the casino.

To identify a wagering requirement, check the small print of a promotion and look for ‘x40’ or ‘x25’ – as this is how they’re usually represented.

New No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Every time a new bonus or promotion is released it can be a big deal, especially if it is a particularly good promotion. And, we always have the most up to date information on the newest bonuses on our site, so you’d don’t need to go looking anywhere else.

You can also rely on us to get the newest and biggest no-wagering bonuses up ASAP, because we’ve got your back. We’re going to make sure our dedicated team of internet trawlers, web space surfers, and online detectives keep you up to date about every single new no-wagering bonus that is released. Whether it is a UK casino, or elsewhere.

The best way to make sure you’re up to date about all of these new bonuses is by checking back at this page every week.

Are No Wagering Bonuses Available for Existing Players?

While most no-wagering rewards tend to be offered in the main Welcome Bonus offered by casinos, this isn’t to say that other no-wagering rewards don’t exist. Some casinos, such as Fortune Legends, swear on wagering requirements completely. This means every promotion that they create for their players, new and old alike, is free of wagering constraints and you’re therefore able to withdraw your winnings straight away.

To check whether a casino offers these promotions to crusty veterans as well as casino noobs, simply head over to their promotions page and see what they’ve got in store. Otherwise, you can always get in touch with them to see if they’re willing to reward loyalty with kickass no-wagering bonuses later down the line if you stay and play at their site.

No Deposit Bonuses vs No Wagering Bonuses

No deposit bonuses vs no wagering bonusesThere are many different types of bonuses available within the casino promotions world, and, without a doubt, the most popular is the no deposit bonus. This is a different type of bonus and, by default usually isn’t a no wagering bonus.

No wagering bonuses are bonuses that casinos give out that don’t include wagering requirements in their terms and conditions. So, because they don’t have wagering requirements in their conditions, they are ‘no wagering’, or ‘zero wagering’ bonuses. The upshot is that any winnings from these sorts of bonuses are immediately accessible to the player once they’ve been won.

No deposit bonuses are different to this. A no deposit bonus is a bonus that casinos give to players which do not require, as a part of their terms and conditions, the player to deposit a sum of money before they can get that bonus. So, because they don’t require a deposit to be made, they’re called ‘no deposit’ bonuses. We can contrast no deposit bonuses with first-deposit bonuses (or Welcome Bonuses), which are bonuses given to players when they make their first deposits at a new casino.

So, the difference between a no wagering bonus and a no deposit bonus is exactly what each excludes. Wagering requirements are excluded from no wagering bonuses, the need to make a deposit is excluded from no deposit bonuses. Both types of bonus are good to get, but, on the whole, the no wagering bonus is better, because, although no deposit bonuses are risk-free, no wagering bonuses allow you to get your winnings immediately.

Hold on – do bonuses exist that have no wagering and require no deposit? If these do exist, we expect they’re given away as VIP rewards, because this would essentially just be free money. Still, as casinos vie against each other for players’ attention and the competition heats up in the future, who knows what types of awesome bonuses might be offered. If a no wagering and no deposit bonus does appear, we will 100% feature it here, so make sure you check back regularly!

Can You Withdraw Your Money If You Don’t Meet The Wagering Requirements?

The wagering requirements are conditions placed upon your bonus figure so that you continue to bet once you’ve received the bonus. After all, the casino wants you to keep playing, it’s to their advantage. But what happens if you don’t satisfy the wagering requirements?

Well, ‘if you don’t satisfy the wagering requirements, you’ll not be able to withdraw your money’ if what you often hear people say. But is this really true?

No, it isn’t, you can still withdraw your money from the casino if you haven’t satisfied the wagering requirements, you just can’t withdraw the bonus or any winnings you’ve made from the bonus. The casino cannot hold your money just because you’ve deposited it.

If this still doesn’t make sense, consider this: when you make a deposit at a casino you pay your money into your wallet. This wallet, often called your balance, is your general money that you’re able to play with at the casino. If you get a bonus for depositing, then you’ll also get a sum of money paid into your bonus wallet. This bonus wallet is distinct from your actual wallet, because the bonus wallet is only the money given to you by the casino in terms of a bonus. Any money that you win from bets staked with bonus money will also then be paid into the bonus wallet.

The money in the bonus wallet, in essence, is not yet your money until you’ve met the wagering requirements placed upon the bonus. Imagine that the wagering requirements are the key to unlock this wallet, and, until you’ve got the key, you’re not allowed to take anything out.

So, you can withdraw your money if your wagering requirements haven’t been met, but it can’t be money from your bonus wallet, only from your normal balance.

Can You Avoid Wagering Requirements?

Avoiding wagering requirementsIt seems like these things called wagering requirements could get a little annoying. After all, they’re getting in the way of you withdrawing the winnings from your bonuses, and you’re going to want to get your hands on that money as quickly as possible.

A natural reaction to wagering requirements is to try and avoid them, to try and get around them. But can people really avoid wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are terms and conditions placed upon a promotion, whether it is free spins or a bonus. This means wagering requirements are legally binding parts of a contract that you enter into with a casino when you make a deposit and take the bonus. Therefore, in short, wagering requirements cannot be avoided. Just like the details of your mortgage, your phone contract, or the final Brexit deal, the wagering requirements are legally binding and cannot be avoided.

With that being said, there are two ways that you can avoid wagering requirements in a roundabout way: by using no wagering bonuses, or by reneging on the terms.

If you renege on the terms and conditions of the bonus, then you’re certainly going to be avoiding wagering requirements. However, you’re not going to get any of the winnings from your bonuses.

If you chose no wagering bonuses, then you definitely are going to avoid wagering requirements – they don’t have them! So, if you don’t want wagering requirements, and want to get your hands on your potential bonus winnings immediately, then choose a no wagering bonus.

Are Wagering Requirements Easy To Meet?

Now we know exactly what wagering requirements are but how hard are wagering requirements to meet? After all, if they weren’t hard to meet, then why would anyone want to avoid them.

When it comes to the difficulty of meeting the wagering requirements, this is completely dependent upon the specifics of the promotions that you’ve received. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to wagering requirements because, at the end of the day, the ease of meeting them depends upon the specifics of your situation.

As a general rule, however, the smaller the requirements are the easier they are to meet, and the larger the wagering requirements are the harder they are to meet. Let us see why.

Consider a small wagering requirement of x10 on the bonus amount. If you deposited £50 on a bonus of 100% up to £50, then you would get a £50 bonus. In order to meet the wagering requirements of this bonus, you’d have to wager x10 of that £50 bonus. So, ultimately, to meet the wagering requirements, you’d have to wager 50 x10 = £500. If you’re playing quite frequently, this may not be a hard figure to meet.

Consider a larger wagering requirement of x30 on the bonus + the deposit amount. If you deposited £50 on a bonus of 100% up to £50, you’d get a £50 bonus. This time, to meet the wagering requirements, you must wager x30 of the sum of the bonus amount and the deposit amount, which is £100. So, you’d have to wager x30 of £100, which is £3,000.

So, the ease of meeting the requirements depends upon their size and the specifics of the bonus.

What Are No Wagering Casinos?

No wagering casinosThe thought of wagering requirements might have started to leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Bonuses which you formerly thought were completely free now seem to include a potentially insurmountable financial hurdle. If so, then you should start considering no wagering casinos.

A no wager casino is a casino that offers at least one no wagering casino bonus that does not include wagering requirements.

Whether they’re free spins or different sorts of bonuses, no wagering casinos just don’t include wagering requirements – don’t think that ‘no wagering’ means you don’t get to wager at these casinos, that’d be an easy but big mistake to make.

No wagering casinos are growing increasingly popular within the industry, as many more players are beginning to demand more transparency and fairness from their sites.

It’s not as if the sites are actually unfair, but it is not always clear what the wagering requirements on a bonus are.

So, once you start playing and are hit by that news that you need to wager £3,000, for example, just to get your bonus winnings, you can see how people would start to get upset.

No wagering casinos buck this trend, and you’re going to be able to find all of the best no wagering casinos listed here on this page. Make sure to keep checking back if you want to stay updated.

Are Casinos Without Wagering Better Than Casinos With Wagering Requirements?

Since the popularity of no wagering requirements has increased, along with the number of no wagering casinos themselves, many players will be asking themselves which is better no wagering casinos or normal casinos?

The difference between the two types of casinos is, in essence, just the difference between the fact that one has wagering requirements on its promotions, and the other doesn’t. Aside from this, there are no real differences between them.

Because of this relative lack of difference, there’s nothing really to settle the matter of which is better other than that one difference. And, even then, it is not always true that a lack of wagering requirements on a promotion is better than having wagering requirements on promotions.

This is because, on the whole, no wagering requirements promotions are typically smaller, whereas bonuses with wagering requirements are typically much, much bigger. This is because to be blunt, the casino has much less to lose when they give away wagering requirement bonuses, and much more to lose when they give away no wagering requirement bonuses. So, to compensate for this, they decrease the size of them.

Which are better then? Well, given that most things are the same, and that the size of the bonuses can vary, it totally depends on your style of play. If you don’t want the much bigger bonuses, then no wagering casinos are for you. But, if you want the massive bonuses, you’ll probably be better at a normal casino.

How Does The UK Gambling Commission Help With No Wagering?

Wagering requirements are increasingly seen by more and more in the gambling industry as being an unfair and opaque restriction on promotional offers given to players. The UKGC, on the whole, appear to share this sentiment.

In 2017, the UKGC warned UK casinos that in the coming years they would crack down on promotions that include specific play restrictions that are unfair to customers. If they are not set out clearly if they allow for the confiscation or removal of deposits of winnings, or they allow too much arbitrary unfounded power in the hands of the casino.

Likewise, the UKGC has also recently suggested that the free spins given out by casinos under that name are, in fact, far from free. They argue that free spins are not free if they’re attached to wagering requirements.

Change is slow, so don’t expect to see major changes particularly soon. However, as pressure increases, and if legislation in fact changes, we could be totally wrong about this. Change may be much quicker than we think.

What Are Low Wagering Requirements?

What are low wagering requirements?Now, not all casinos have started to offer no wagering promotions. In fact, far from it. There are still relatively few compared to the number of casinos in the whole market. However, many casinos, possibly afraid to go the whole way, have started to offer low wagering requirement promotions.

Low wagering requirement promotions are exactly what they sound like: promotions with very low wagering requirements.

The reason that casinos have started to offer these is that they’re a middle ground between offering your normal sort of promotions, with relatively high wagering requirements, and the no wagering requirements.

Low wagering requirements are usually anything between about x5 to x15.

In addition to this, low wagering requirement bonuses typically have the requirements on the bonus figure only, not the sum of the bonus and deposit amount.

Free spins can also come with low wagering requirements, they’re not confined to bonuses. Free spins low wagering requirements are usually about x5 to x15 too, and again only apply to the winnings from those spins.

In addition to the no wagering requirements promotions, we’ll also keep you up to date about the low wagering requirement promotions. So, make sure you set our page to notifications so you get all the most recent news.

What Are The Consequences Of High Wagering Requirements?

We’ve slightly touched on the issue of high wagering requirements above but let us take a look at this issue in a little more detail.

The consequences of high wagering requirements are that you have to commit a lot of money to get your bonus winnings. To illustrate this, and exactly how large a sum of money you could be into committing, let’s consider an example. If you got a bonus which was 100% up to £300 and it had wagering requirements of x50 on the bonus amount, then you’d be facing a very high wagering requirement. If you deposited £300 then you’d get the £300 bonus, £300 x50 is £ 15,000. That means, if you were lucky enough to win some money using the £300 bonus amount, then you’d have to wager £15,000 just to get your hands on it.

If you’re a smaller player, then, one of the consequences of high wagering requirements is that you’ll never really get your hands on the winnings earned from your promotions.

Reasons For Choosing A No Wagering Casino

There is basically one reason that you would choose to play at a no wagering casino, and that is because the bonuses and free spins that you get do not come with wagering requirements.

Obviously, as we’ve explained above, wagering requirements get in the way of you being able to access your winnings as you win them. You have to wait for a sum of money, sometimes a massive one, to be wagered before you can withdraw them. Then, if you try to withdraw them early, all your bonus money will be gone.

In addition to this, you might choose to play at a no wagering requirement casino because you like the more transparent environment. You might think that the upfront honest from the start is an appealing feature and feel more at home there.

Other than this, no wagering casinos do not have much of an edge over their wagering counterparts. They’re basically the same, except for the wagering requirements.

How Do No Wagering Slots Work?

No wagering slots are simple: they are slot machines on which you can and do use your no wagering requirement bonuses or free spins.

No wagering slots work just like normal slots – probably because they are normal slots, they’re often just called no wagering slots because people use their no wagering promotion balances on them. There is no intrinsic difference between a no wagering slot and a normal slot, it is just what money you use on them.

With that being said, some casinos may give out no wagering free spins, but limit them to be played on specific games or groups of games. Likewise, no wagering bonus money may be given out and be limited to be used on a specific type of game. In these instances, then, you would not consider all of the slot machines at a no wagering site to be no wagering slots.

There are a growing number of no wagering slots and no wagering slot sites, all of which will be featured on this page.

Which Games Do Not Contribute To Wagering Requirements?

Wagering requirements & GamesWhen you get a bonus or a bunch of free spins, often the wagering requirements will not be wholly general. Instead, the casino will specify, generally speaking, two things: where the wagering requirements have to be met, or the fractions of a full wager that specific casino games will count as.

When you get a group of free spins, for example, they’ll often be restricted to be played on one specific game, or possibly a small number of games. for instance, you may get 30 free spins to play on Starburst. Often, when this happens, the wagering requirements will also be on that game, i.e. to meet them you’ll have to wager on that game.

Casinos will also often specify in their general terms and conditions how much of a full wager will count toward the wagering requirement figure. These can vary from casino to casino, so it is certainly worth going to the general terms and conditions of each casino to check them out – that is, if you plan on fulfilling the wagering requirements.

Consider a representative example. Many casinos will say that video slots and jackpots will count for a full wager. However, many casinos will also say that table games will not. Roulette will only count for 0.75 of a full wager, whereas Blackjack will only count for 0.5 Moreover, some casinos will not allow live casino game wagers to count toward the wagering requirements, likewise with bingo.

There is no hard and fast rule here, but a good general rule is to assume that only the same type of game as the game you were awarded the bonus for, counts for a full wager.

How Can Casino Sites Offer No Wagering Without Losing Money?

At this stage, you might be seeing pound signs in your eyes. All of these no wagering offers are as good as it can get right? You can get (almost) free money from which you win money and withdraw it immediately. But wait, you might think, how do casino sites make money off no wagering bonuses without losing money?

The answer to this question is relatively simple once you realise how casinos actually work.

The more that you play at a casino, irrespective of how much money you personally win, you’re more likely to make that casino a profit. That is because, as a purely mathematical matter of fact, the odds always favour the house. So, you’re, considered as a statistic, are more likely to make the casino a profit than you are to make yourself one. Obviously, this doesn’t hold true for every individual case but is only a generalisation calculated across all cases. There are people that make money for sure, just check out all the massive NetEnt jackpots!

If a casino gives you a no wagering bonus, say of £40, then, on that specific bonus, they may indeed make a loss. However, any losses that the casino will incur from those specific bonuses may, ultimately, be accounted for in the overall wins that they make.

What Is A 10x, 20x Or 30x Wagering Requirement?

10x 20x or 30x wagering requirementsWe’ve been on quite the journey through wagering requirements and no wagering casinos together by this stage, but if you’re still not up to speed, then don’t worry.

You can always go back and review any part of this page. Often the maths is one of the hardest parts to understand, so in this penultimate section, this is precisely what we’ll review.

A x10, x20, or x30 wagering requirement is a wagering requirement where the sum of money you’re required to wager is a multiple of 10, 20, or 30. In the wagering requirement terms, this x10 will stand for the figure that your bonus, or bonus plus deposit amount, will be multiplied by.

Likewise, x20 and x30 both indicated that the bonus figure (or bonus and deposit) will have to be multiplied by 20 or 30 in order to find out the total sum of money which you would have to wager.

For example. If I get a bonus of 150% up to £400 with wagering requirements of x30 on the bonus, then the ‘x30’ indicates the total sum of money required to be wagered. In this instance, the sum is x30. So, in our example, if I deposited the full £400, then I’d get a bonus of £600.

The x30 tells me that the total amount of money that I would have to wager is thirty times the deposit amount of £600. So, £600 x 30 = £18,000. That means I’d have to wager £18,000 to meet the wagering requirements and claim my winnings.

What Does Playthrough Or Rollover Requirement Mean?

Our last topic in this breakdown of no wagering casinos and promotions might be the easiest, but it is certainly one of the most frequently asked questions. The question is simple, but we hear it all the time: what are playthrough and rollover requirements? What does playthrough or rollover requirement mean?

Well, here is it folks, the definitive answer.

Playthrough requirements are wagering requirements. Rollover requirements are wagering requirements. Isn’t life complex enough without having multiple different terms meaning the same thing? Unfortunately, not. Well, at least, after reading our guide you know that no matter what casinos call these requirements, this is what they are.


Asked Questions

  • What Does No Wagering Mean?

    No Wagering refers to rare online casino promotions that allow players to claim Free Spins or Cash Bonuses that are not restricted by Wagering Requirements, meaning they can be cashed out straight away.

  • Can You Win Real Money From A No Wagering Bonus?

    Yes, No Wagering Bonuses are essentially exactly the same as the regular casino cash bonuses and you have the same chances to win real money from them. The way that No Wagering Bonuses differ from other offers is that there’s nothing stopping you from withdrawing your winnings once you’ve activated the bonus. Keep in mind that these offers may have other restrictions placed upon them that limits how much you can withdraw and what your max bet with the bonuses can be. Always check the casino’s T+Cs before activating the bonus to avoid breaking the rules and losing your winnings.

  • What Does 10X, 30X And 40X Wagering Mean?

    Casinos often put wagering requirements on their bonuses that restrict players from withdrawing their winnings until they’ve wagered a certain amount. 10X. 30X and 40X are normal multiplications of wagering requirement often seen attached to bonuses or Free Spins. This is best explained with an example. If you win €100, 10X would force you to play €100 x 10 = €1000, before you could withdraw. The bigger the wagering requirement the more you have to play through first.

  • What Is The Difference Between A No Deposit Bonus And No Wager Bonus?

    No Deposit Bonuses are rewards given to casino players once they create an account. All they have to do to claim this bonus is sign up, there’s no need to pay any money into their accounts first. These ‘free’ bonuses are usually weighed down by heavy wagering requirements.  No Wagering Bonuses, on the other hand, usually do require a deposit to activate but come without any wagering restrictions, meaning winnings can be withdrawn straight away.