Type of payment: Online banking

What is Nordea?

Nordea is the biggest financial service provider in the Nordic countries and offers its clients a wide range of financial products under which conventional (corporate or private) bank accounts, credit / debit card accounts, investment banking, insurance products, pension management and internet- and mobile banking. The bank not only represents an impressive financial institute in its own right, but is also omnipresent as it is connected to the networks of other payment service providers such as Moneybookers, Trustly, Euteller and MasterCard.

Apart from the (MasterCard) credit and debit cards Nordea issues to its clients (and that of course can be used to make online payments) Nordea also offers an internet banking solution that allows clients to carry out financial transactions online and by telephone. This payment option is called Netbank in the various countries where it´s available and the system functions by means of “Access Codes”.

These Access Codes consist of a User ID with password, one-time security codes and confirmation codes. The User ID with the password of course identifies the account holder as the genuine account holder, the one-time security code is used to identify the specific payment and the confirmation codes are used to confirm and digitally sign all sorts of transactions.

Normally the Access Codes are generated by a card reader but apparently in some countries Nordea provides its clients with a physical card with one-time codes and confirmation codes stamped on it. On opening a Netbank account clients are provided with an 80 codes holding card and as soon as they´ve used 60 codes of that card they´ll be mailed a new card by Nordea.

The use of Access Codes makes a Netbank payment in a web shop or on another internet pay-site extremely safe as any code only can be used in combination with the User ID, its password and a PIN-code. On top of this the “One Time” codes can only be used once for a specific payment and all data concerning the transaction is SSL encrypted.
Nordea Netbank internet payments are free, easy to make and carried out instantly from the comfortable and trusted environment of your own internet banking account.

Paying with Nordea in an online casino

A deposit in an online casino using the Nordea Netbank internet banking solution is normally carried out by the following steps:

  • Choose Nordea as the desired payment option after which you´ll be redirected to the Nordea Netbank log in page;
  • Log in into the account using your Netbank Access Codes;
  • Follow the payment procedure as the Netbank application indicates;
  • Check all payment details, correct where needed and / or confirm the transaction (by using a confirmation code).
  • Normally the amount deposited is immediately available on the casino account and ready to be played with.

Nowadays Nordea provides its clients with the possibility to download a Mobile Banking application that allows Netbank clients to make payments by a mobile device.

Withdrawing with Nordea in an online casino

Unfortunately it´s not possible to withdraw funds from an online casino account by using Nordea Netbank internet banking. To cash out money and have it transferred back to your Nordea bank account you should request a withdrawal by normal Bank Transfer.

Advantages of using Nordea

The advantages of using Nordea as a banking option in online casinos are the following:

  • Nordea payments are safe as they are carried out with the same security standards as a normal bank transfer;
  • A deposit made with Nordea is carried out instantly, making the transferred amount immediately available to be used in the casino;
  • The Nordea Netbank payments are free of charge (no service fees are asked);
  • Payments with Nordea are made from the own trusted and familiar internet banking environment;
  • Nordea payments can also be made from a mobile device by their Mobile Banking application.

Disadvantages of using Nordea

Possible disadvantages of the Nordea banking method are:

  • The method is only available for players with a Nordea bank account;
  • Despite the highest banking security measures Nordea applies to the transactions and as the bank itself also warns, users should be aware of the safety of the Access Codes (User ID, password, PIN-code, on-time codes and confirmation codes) in their possession. The codes combined ending up in the wrong hands could have rather nasty (financial) consequences;
  • Having to access your internet bank account and having to “mess” with the bank card, the card reader and the various Access Codes for some people could be a disadvantage.

Where to pay with Nordea?

Nordea as a banking option is mainly available in online casinos that are (also) directed to players from the Northern European countries. Check out the list on this page to find out which Netent Casinos accept Nordea payments.

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